Live Simply In September: Impeccability

September 1, 2022


We learn as we mature that life is a balance of getting what we want and giving others what they want. Being willing to compromise is the difference between having healthy relationships and being a giant jerk no one likes.

Still, each of us has certain values we refuse to compromise on. These are the areas in which we feel passionately enough that only upholding a standard of impeccability feels appropriate. Impeccability is a life stance that defies expectations by caring to truly deliver on our words, our commitments, and our efforts.

Being impeccable with our words is one of the most crucial tenants of integrity. Words have power, and that power is increased with every instance they are upheld, and diminished every time they’re negated. When we use words carelessly and make empty promises to others, we erode not only the trust others place in us, but the trust we place in ourselves. When we make the choice to be impeccable with our words, to say what is honest and necessary, and to only make verbal agreements and promises we are prepared to take action on, we increase our credibility.

Time is each of our most precious, non-renewable resource. Whether or not we respect time is hugely indicative of our overall wellbeing and social standing. Being impeccable with our time and with other people’s time requires that we show up when we say we will, that we aim to commit ourselves only to appointments and plans that we intend to keep, and that we align ourselves around the goal of using the time available to us well.

Impeccability with our work means going beyond the bare minimum that’s required of us, and delivering in a manner that communicates genuine care. It is not enough to merely do a job. To feel fulfilled, and to serve others well, we must pour our full selves and capabilities into all that we create. Impeccable effort is work that transcends our own experience of doing the work by considering the experience of the recipient of that work. It is a kind of empathy that encourages us to produce that which we would wish to receive.

It is up to each of us to decide which facets of our lives deserve our impeccability. For you, it might be parenting. Or school attendance. Or your diet. Whatever you practice impeccability with, being impeccable means not offering excuses, not taking shortcuts, and not acting carelessly or lazily or distractedly. It means treating that role or area with the utmost consideration, presence, focus, and consistency. It means giving the fullest expression of all that you are every time.

Of course, we’re all going to screw it up royally at one point or another. We can’t be perpetually faultless as a flawed species. But we can intend to hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to what matters most–our words, our time, and our effort. We can choose to live with integrity, act respectfully, and cultivate empathy.

Forgiveness for our inevitable mistakes will be more easily earned if an instance of carelessness or confusion or disappointment is in obvious contrast to a much higher standard we’ve set and normally uphold.

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