Live Simply in June: Generosity

June 1, 2022

When raising money for various causes, people are wont to imploringly remind us, “If you can’t give with your money, give with your (fill in the blank).”

Said in that context, the request for gifts in other forms can come off as cringey (like, we all know what you really want). But money is just one out of seemingly endless ways to give. And not merely to support special causes; living with a generous spirit means looking for looking for opportunities to give liberally to others on a daily basis.

Be generous with your attention by being fully present to those around you. Fully, as in phone away.

Be generous with your time by lingering to ask remaining questions.

Be generous with your awareness by being the one to notice a stranger struggling to unload their groceries, or to navigate a city street.

Be generous with your expertise by sharing your knowledge with those studying under you.

Be generous with your work by truly delivering on your promises, and then going a step beyond those.

Be generous with your heart by carefully, mindfully, being open to new relationships.

Give generously from the wealth that is your essence by showing up authentically, and inviting others to do the same.

Give generously for the sake of giving, and doing so without restraint to feel alive and filled with purpose for being here.

Be generous with yourself by not standing in the way of others giving to you. Because we are all connected in a circle of giving and receiving, and the whole operation only works when we allow both modes to flow.

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