Live Simply In July: Magnetism

July 1, 2022

You know those people who seem to be winning at life? They’re successful in business, they have flourishing family lives, and they radiate positive energy. You just know that wherever they go and whatever they try their hand at, fortune and ease will follow.

These people don’t possess special ingredients you lack. They may even be challenged in similar ways that you are. They may have overcome adversity, or they may have had every advantage given to them.

What differentiates them is their ability to act as magnets for good.

How does a person become a magnet for all that they desire?

It’s Simple, really.

The recipe is a three parter: clearing the clutter of the past, being actively grateful for the blessings we have in the present, and opening our mind to new possibilities.

Each of us is responsible for resolving the clutter of our past. We do this by recognizing–not judging–the errors of our ways in the past, asking for forgiveness when necessary (even if it’s ourselves we need to forgive), and using the lessons from our lives to move to higher psychological and spiritual ground.

We commit to taking out this trash regularly so that we’re able to move through the world unencumbered by past grievances, traumas and mistakes.

Next, we begin to actively practice gratitude. We do this not in a Hallmark, cliched way, but with true awareness for the plenty that surrounds us. We take time each day to actually feel and express thoughts of gratitude.

Finally, we allow ourselves to remain open to new ways of being. We choose loving, hopeful thoughts over fear-based ones. We remind ourselves that everything is always working out for us.

When we implement these practices into our daily lives, what naturally follows is that we, too, become magnets. We more easily actualize our desires. We flow more freely through the world. We spread joy and good energy outwards, and the same returns to us in whatever manner most serves us.

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