Live Simply in December: Ease

December 1, 2022

Creating more ease in people’s lives is at the core of my life’s work. I know firsthand the ways challenges great and small are responsible for important mental, physical and spiritual growth. Still, I’m invested in creating greater ease because I also know that the more freed up each of us is (freed from the weight of excess, guilt, obligation, shame, judgment and so on), the more capable and contributory we are.

Throughout my decade plus in business, I’ve seen firsthand how people can begin to believe that they are unworthy or incapable of having ease in their lives. Some have been struggling for so long they can’t imagine another way. Some have adopted a victim-complex that tells them life is perpetually working against them. Some desperately crave ease but need to have the ground laid out for them in order to fully believe.

As a proponent and student of ease, I’ve also noted the common threads that run through those that have ease in their lives.

If you are one of those people, you do the following:

You edit and organize so that you’re clear on what matters to you most and a task as basic as finding a sock is an experience entirely free of struggle.

You design your days thoughtfully, you invest your time wisely, and you say no easily.

You move your body daily so that moving through your days is easy. Because your health is the most precious gift and that old saying about losing what you don’t use is painfully true.

You express gratitude for all that you have available to you. You live with an awareness of how fortunate you are, you look for all the things that are going your way, and you become hyper-focused on the plenty that surrounds you.

You are present. You make it a daily habit to be tuned into the present moment, instead of always focusing on the next thing and the next thing and the thing after that.

You take action to solve problems without allowing them to fester and grow more overwhelming.

You resolve emotional traumas. You forgive where you can, you make peace with what cannot be changed, and you release the desire to rewrite the past.

You fix what is broken. You discard what is broken that cannot be fixed. You learn to discern well between those two.

You accept that life is change, and that its beauty is its brutality: all things are temporary and constantly in flux. You participate in, rather than resist, the natural progression of life.

You love yourself. You love yourself the way those who love you do. Your chief aim is to aspire to be the very best, most authentic, least bullshit version of you.

You keep at the forefront of your mind that the point of this whole strange experiment is to enjoy it, to laugh, to give and receive love, and to relish every ordinary moment.

If you haven’t had it easy up until now, I hope you know you’re worthy of feeling like life is working in your favor and that what you desire flows to you effortlessly.

I hope you know that ease is just around the bend of the struggle-path you’re grinding down.

It’s your reward for effort spent, and for puzzles solved. Sweet relief is on its way to you. The hollows where pain has been are the pockets ease will fill.

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