Live Simply in 2019, June Mantra: Simplify Schedules

June 1, 2019


Embracing a freer schedule is natural, but it isn’t normal in this part of the world. Here, we hurry. We shlep. We carpool, and schedule, and reschedule, and sign up, and register and pre-register. We keep busy.

Busyness is the way in which we distract ourselves from having to examine who we might really be and what we might really want. Being busy keeps fear at bay. Fear that children might not turn out successful enough, fear that we aren’t successful enough, fear of what other people think of us and our families, fear of failure, fear of being found out.

“Keep the schedule full,” is the collective mantra. Keep the kids stimulated and educated. For heaven’s sake, don’t let them have a chance to get bored! Boredom, uninterrupted by adult suggestions may lead to imaginative, independent play, and lord knows we don’t need any of that to clean up! Keep everyone on the advanced track. Keep signing up. Keep networking.

But the seasons are our truest guides.

In winter, nature leads us to draw inwards and reflect.

In Springtime, we feel the pep of renewal. We hold hope as more than a mere possibility. We see signs of growth all around us.

Summer instructs us to unbend our kinks. It tells us to relax our rules, and to be wise in the expenditure of our energy. Running frantically under the hot, June sun in the middle of the day just doesn’t make sense. It’s far too sweaty.

Summer arrives like a trumpet blast to overpower all of that noise. June begins the season in which nature calls us not to keep pace and move at break-neck, but to Simplify our schedules. To embrace the chance to have big, fat, watermelon chunks of unscheduled time to daydream, run through sprinklers, read a book (Imagine, doing that!), shoo flies from the meals cooked and eaten outside.

Summer invites us to delineate between the hours when it’s advantageous to work, and the hours when it’s only sensible to luxuriate in stillness. To worship the sun and the water, and to linger as the days do.

This time around, don’t rush through it with such flustered anxiety. Enjoy. Relax. Bask.

It’ll be gone in an instant, like a firefly that even as it glows, has already begun to disappear into the darkness once again.

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