Live Simply in 2019, August Mantra: Heed Your Intuition

August 1, 2019

My first introductions to intuition came from spiritual leaders and self-help writers. “Your intuition is that little voice inside you,” they all told me. “It has all the answers.”

I took their explanations to mean that there ought to be an oracle dwelling within me, a psychic on constant speed dial who, from their descriptions, camped out somewhere in the pit of my stomach.

Eventually, I realized that my intuition did have the answers. Just not in the way I’d expected. It’s much Simpler.

The intuition speaks without words in yes or no answers. Feelings of excitement, curiosity, anxious anticipation: those are all intuitive yeses. Feelings of obligation, guilt, drudgery, doubt: those are all intuitive nos.

Our spirit naturally wants to align itself with like-minded people, and wants to expand to its fullest capacity. It has the power to instantly recognize things, people, and opportunities as being aligned with our authentic selves and essential to our growth, or not.

Too often, we let reason overrule intuition. “Yes, but,” we say to it. “And plus, if I…” “And anyhow, maybe…” To the uninitiated, it seems flat out risky to base our decisions on a nothing more than a feeling. Who does that?

Probably only the wisest people on our planet. The most successful entrepreneurs. The most experienced creatives. The most enlightened folks around.

They know that the recipe for a joyful, purposeful life is this: start doing what feels good. Stop doing what feels bad.

Start doing what feels good, or exciting, or challenging, because doing so will lead you to places and experiences that allow your highest self to thrive. Stop doing what feels bad because doing so only ever leads you to people and scenarios that don’t allow you to grow, and that don’t allow you to make your highest value contributions to the world.

When you remember that you are a feeling being, you realize that intuition is the only guide you need.

You don’t have to work to conjure it. It is not beholden to pro and con lists. It will not supply you with impressive facts and figures with which to explain your decision-making process. But it will be the unforced truth, and all you have to do is heed it.

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