10 Great Holiday Card Displays

December 10, 2013

Regardless of the occasion, displaying cards has always been a custom in my family; the mantle spontaneously given over to whoever’s birthday it happened to be is a sight easily conjured in memory. Seeing all those cards goes a long way to add to the celebratory vibe, you know? I mean, you could just be sitting in your living room, but when surrounded by greetings of love ya just get all party party party.

Last year I wrote a past about holiday card displays called, imaginatively, Holiday Card Displays. This year I’m following suit, pulling some of my favorite examples from around the interwebs.


1. Kristin of The Hunted Interior (via Home Depot) and Benjie Jones (bottom left) (via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle) had the same idea: put your starburst mirror to work. Why else should a mirror have all those spokes if not to display holiday cards, after all?

2. Interior designer Edie van Breems (via Country Living) keeps it classic with a frame, some twine, and some paper clips. Bonus points for the zig zag lay out, wouldn’t we agree?

3. Jenn of Ambrosia Creative seems to produce an annual card display, and I’m of the opinion that both her plywood and her corkboard versions are winners. It’s so post-modern*, you know, the whole board mimicking the shape of the tree thing.

*remind me to look up a definitive explanation for the term post-modern. I’ve been wondering about that since freshman year of college, when it was introduced with total ambiguity. On second thought, let’s keep the mystery alive.

4. Martha Stewart can always be counted on to simultaneously complicate and simplify things. Check check for the pseudo-wreath card display!

5. Craft and Creativity strung their holiday cord up on the underside of a shelf and secured a spot in this roundup on the sheer basis of their scene’s whimsy.

6. One Kings Lane are intent on putting a new spin on an old classic. They do the whole zig zag garland card display thing one better by using a string of lights, carefully and secretively pinned in place by way of small tacks. Now that’s innovation, folks.

7. The Design Aglow team offers up two tantalizing card display options. The first, satisfying the modern aesthetic, calls upon the Umbra Fotofalls Metal Floor-Standing Photo/Memo Holder.

8. For those craving whole wall scale greeting card installation, Design Aglow’s second option is sure to please: photo magnetic wires.

9. Homegirl Nicole was like “Wires? Psh. Pass the tape.” I must give her snaps for her creative taping skills. Confining to the cards to the area of the door, a keen observer can see, is everything.

10. And finally, one with a little bit of everything (via British Country Homes & Interiors via Aged and Gilded). Garland by the fireplace, ribbons on the wall, and a cork board on the mantle. Happy holidays indeed.

In summation: hang those cards and hang ’em high. And then take them the hell down after a reasonable amount of time.


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