8 No-Brainer Kid’s Art Display Solutions

August 23, 2016

It’s right about this time of year that I start to think of the parents’ of wee babes quandry; as learning institutions resume their regularly scheduled programming, so, too, do all those wonderful works of art which all those small humans will soon be creating. Kids are essentially cute craft pushers, you heard it here first.

Oh, it isn’t that the parents won’t be equally (read: much more) proud of the works of art. Only, that they will feel such an immense amount of responsibility regarding the things. They’ll want to ensure their children know they’re proud, they’ll feel compelled to honor whatever haphazard scribble their darling has doodled. Eventually–give it a week–they’ll reach the brush-breaking point: “what am I supposed to DO with this??”

Which is where I enter, suggesting that you, as the parent, swiftly implement a method for very, most very, proud art display, which has very specific parameters in terms of capacity.

What that kid comes home, colored situation in hand, you hang that horrible little thing up, high and proud, because you are, after all, and because art and creating something with your own two hands and mind and heart is exceptionally significant.

Here’s 8 ways to do that:

No-brainer, super flexible ways to display (and swap out) kid's art!


1. The little artist shelf

2. Wall ledge

3. Kids art photo frame 9×12

4. Kids art triple frame

5. art clip rack

6. Set of 4 easy change kid’s art frames

7. Refrigerator art magnetic sleeve

8. Standit display frame


You repeat this process until the holder is full.

At which point, you pull down the previously featured display.

Then, being very discerning, as the most responsible, loving parent that you are, you set aside a select few pieces to save for later. For when your kid is big, and you’re all bored, and cleaning out the storage area, and want a good, hearty belly laugh.

And the rest (because you love yourself and your little one!) you lovingly release into the recycling bin. Because you are a really, really good parent.

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