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May 23, 2017

In just a matter of weeks (days?), all the school children will come trucking home with the bounty of their academia: book reports, folders full of homework assignments, artwork, and the like. It will arrive in a paper grocery bag or will be dumped out of a ragged backpack and it will then be up to you, the parents, to take over as steward of said schoolwork.

Perhaps in past years you weren’t properly prepared to deal with this mass of papers. Maybe last year’s lot is still sitting in that same crumpled Trader Joe’s bag. Maybe you have positively no idea what ever happened to past schoolwork stacks.

But this year–oh, this year–this year will be different. This year you will ensure you have the necessary storage supplies to house the schoolwork in advance of its being brought home. This year you will consciously limit the amount of schoolwork you store. You may schedule a time to sit with your small human and take a gander over all they’ve created, and while doing so will decide together on which select few projects to keep. You might readily recycle the majority of homework handouts that contain next to none of your child’s developing personality.

This year, while deciding what and how much schoolwork to save, you will give careful consideration to whether the amount you’re preserving will later on be a delight or a burden for both you and your offspring.

And then you’ll take the cream of the curricular crop and place them inside your storage vessel. Or you’ll digitalize them. Or you’ll send them off to be bound into a hardback book. If the former is your preservation method of choice, here’s a slew of options to enable the organization:


1. weathertight file box

2. Weathertight file tote

3. Portfolio

4. clear magazine holders

5. Art storage box

6. Artbin satchel

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