11 Products Designed To Up Your Packed Lunch Game

August 14, 2018

The time has come, the walrus said.

The beginning of the new school year is rapidly approaching, and whether you parent school-age children, are an adult-student, or just a regular, real-life, grown up, all of us will feel the seasonal transition that brings. It’s a fresh start of sorts, a returning to routine from out of a season of spontaneity.

Speaking of routine, now’s a great time to consider the practice of lunch packing. Whether it’s a mid-day meal for school or to be eaten at work, investing in the optimal lunch vessels is key. If a child insists on separate foods staying separate, a lunch box that allows for course-co-mingling will be a dud. If a salad just doesn’t excite us unless it’s really cold, a temperature-uncontrolled vessel just won’t do.

We’re a discerning bunch, both us and the small humans among us! We want our food that’s supposed to be cold to be cold, and our food that’s meant to be warmed able to easily be warmed. We want products that are kind to the planet and to our bodies, and that are designed with transit in mind.

We want the peace of mind of knowing a yogurt won’t explode inside a backpack, and other ways in which we might avoid the growth of mold. We want the best of the best lunch box containers and accessories, and we want just enough of them. To last us through the school/work week, through the school year, supporting our wellbeing day in and day out, til June, at least.

The power lunch game. It’s on.

11 products designed to seriously up your packed lunch game.

1. Small, long-lasting ice packs

2. Stasher reusable silicone bags – the best reusable bags that are safe for microwave, freezer, dishwasher and boiling.

3. Vacuum insulated stainless steel thermos

4. Silicone lunch box dividers

5. Yumbox original  // Yumbox large // Yumbox snack size – leakproof bento-style lunch boxes that close with one latch and feature inner, removable food trays (which have adorable illustrations on them), that are dishwasher safe, come in three different sizes and many colors. 

6. Divided glass meal prep containers

7. BPA free plastic meal prep food storage containers

8. Leakproof, airtight lunch box set – Includes 4-compartment food storage, PEVA insulated lunch bag, ice pack and spoon.

9. Collapsible silicone food storage containers –Microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, with clear snap-on lids that feature an air vent for microwave heating. 

10. Stainless steel lunch box // stainless steel sauce/dressing containers

11. Stainless steel lunch box set


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