9 Ways To Keep Incoming Work & School Papers Organized

August 21, 2018

There are pros and cons to everything, children included.

Pros: they’re filled with wonder for the world as whole, they make absurd and often hilarious pronouncements, they get to wear adorable clothing, etc.

Cons: they, or their educators, are responsible for creating a ginormous paper trail.

The schools send home all of the notifying papers. The homework: it comes raining in. The artwork: it gets prodigiously made.

But in life, all things are relative. How much of a “con” the item above is depends mainly on how prepared one is to handle said papers.

Sans systematic approach to incoming/child-related papers, that “con” is a proper con. As in felon. As in robber. As in those papers will turn into a raging menace faster than you can say “what did you color me?” and then proceed to steal from you the precious entity that is sanity.

(This is true whether the papers in question are in regards to a child or not.)

All of this to say: do not, I repeat do not begin this school year without a plan in place for how you will keep a handle on the papers coming in to your home.

Recycle with a vengeance.

File away sparingly.

And, mainly, have a solidified collection point where papers get processed. Use it as a place to stash incoming works and alerts on the fly, and then edit the bunch when the container gets filled, if that’s your style. Or, maintain a file/homework/command center handy.

Below, an assemblage of recommend paper receptacles:

Operation organization: plan for incoming, school papers with these desktop file boxes.


1. 3-section vertical file

2. Dusty blue desktop file

3. paper trays

4. acrylic desktop file

5. File folders

6. Open top desktop file box

7. art storage box

8. Vertical file folders

9. Vertical hanging file box

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