8 Of The Greatest Underbed Storage Options

March 29, 2016

Last week we talked about the small space solution that is a storage bed. Storage beds are ideal for those people who anticipate themselves residing in close quarters for the foreseeable future, and for those with the budget to buy a bed. Lest you think I was going to leave the rest of you small space dwellers hanging, today I shall bestow unto you suggestions for more temporary, budget-friendly underbed storage options.

To reiterate, there is a difference between lovingly and beautifully storing things beneath a bed (because your space is so limited that you Simply must), and piling an assortment of items into a couple of mysterious boxes and pushing them under that bed of yours–as far as it takes until they’re out of sight. (And, necessarily, out of mind.)

The black hole nature of the space under the bed means that utilizing said space is risky business. So, exercise due caution and intentionality when it comes to what and how you store belongings beneath your bed.

Then, choose an underbed storage option that suits the items you intend to store (preferably in shades of white, nude, and other won’t-shout-out-their-existence-so-loudly-you-can-see-and-hear-them-from-space hues).

Space so small you need storage under your bed? We get it. These are the 8 best underbed storage options around. (Your welcome.)

1. Underbed Shoe Organizer

2. Underbed Storage Bag

3. Underbed Box with Wheels

4. Blake Trundle

5. Rolling Underbed Storage with Chalk

6. Emerson Underbed Storage Drawer

7. Narrow Underbed Stacking Drawer

8. Household Essentials Large Vision Storage Box









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