Spotlight on H2 Design + Build

Friday, May 30, 2014

You know what’s exciting? No, not just that it’s Friday homies, but finding crazy talented people who are cohabiting your city is what. 

H2 Design + Build. Paul and Katie Hackworth. Husband-wife-duo. That’s what this whole shindig is about.  

Specifically, a modern farmhouse project completed by the pair, captured here by Belathée Photography, another massively talented Seattle entity.

I don’t even know what to tell you except prepare for the swoonage. 

Gorgeous entryway to this modern farmhouse

Oh, just the most impossibly charming front walkway/porch/black door set up. Act casual. 

Light-filled modern farmhouse dining area with rustic wood table and white ceilings.

Here, the navy, the vintage trunk, the comfy rug, it’s like they’re trying to do me in.

a cozy spot in this modern farmhouse. Navy sofa, vintage trunk as coffee table.


Or invite me for a seltzer. That’s totally it, isn’t it? They want me to come over! 

Modern farmhouse dining area.

Just stop it Hackworths.

Dreamy patio/ modern farmhouse Vignette by H2 Design + Build Beautiful modern farmhouse bathroom Perfect kids bedroom in this modern farmhouse

A sliding barn door is a great-looking thing. But really, have you ever seen one this wide? This black? This good? Answer: noyahaven’t.

Get a load of this sliding barn door!

Here: what childhood dreams are made of. Or adult dreams of childhood. Possibly both. 

Can't get enough of this kids bedroom.

H for Heavenly. For Hey Hackworths, let’s Ham it up sometime together, eh? Also for Hackbut, evidently. 

Modern farmhouse design by H2 Design + Build

This cabinet is stupid good.

Gorgeous bathroom linen cabinet from a modern farmhouse by h2 Design + Build

And this window seat is sublime.

Perfect modern farmhouse window seat.

And as for the lucite bed table/window combo, I can only tell you this: 

Girls bedroom with lucite bed side table and wheeled crate for toys.

No, I changed my mind, I couldn’t tell you that.

Vibrant little girls bedroom design

But I can say hey, have a stellar weekend! Byeeeee 

22 thoughts on “Spotlight on H2 Design + Build

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      1. Vita R.

        was it a vintage piece? do you know the name of it? I love it!! would you sell? also, is it wood or steel?

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  3. Courtney

    I’m loving the ceiling, wall and trim color in the picture with the cabinet. Can I please get specifics?! Thank you!

  4. Michele

    I have been on the hunt to find the wallpaper with the white flowers in kids room (having no luck finding it). Do you have the name of it or the designer? I want to use it for our nursery…. I think it would be so cute!

    1. Stevie

      I’d Love to use the wallpaper in our nursery as well. Would you please share where it’s from? Thanks in advance!!


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