Monday’s Meditation: On The Power of Gratitude

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gratitude is not merely a nice practice.

Gratitude is a spiritual superpower, one lying latent within each of us waiting to be utilized, to transform. Those who occupy the mental state that is gratitude know it is the Simple shift that has the potential to change everything.

Unfortunately, gratitude doesn’t seem to be a natural inclination. The mental pathway that so often defaults is one of lack.

Such thinking not only deters us from achieving whatever it is we want, it also prevents us from recognizing any value in, and therefore deriving enjoyment and fulfillment from, what we already have.

Everything you have or have achieved now is the basis for what might be. The way to grow something is to feel gratitude for it, not to decry its divergence from your ultimate ideal. Even if your present circumstances do not reflect the larger, grander, wealthier visions you foresee for yourself, even then you can be grateful for them.

You can say: “I am so grateful for this now. I am so grateful that this is tiding me over until I can splurge on/accomplish/comprehend/create what I ultimately desire. I am so grateful that all I have now can help to inform my future decisions.”

In every moment, in every situation, there is the option to be grateful or to be faultfinding, to be positive or to be querulous.

Train your mind to tread the pathway of gratitude.

See your blessings. Count your good fortune. Seek your good.

Do that, and all the abundance of the world will fall into your lap.

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Meditation: On The Power of Gratitude

  1. Rachel Gadiel {One Beautiful Life}

    Beautiful post Annie. Coming from a place of lack where there is never enough is dangerous – as you say we never appreciate how lucky we are right now xx


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