Monday’s Meditation: On Letting The Light In

Monday, June 12, 2017

From the start, whenever you believe that was, we’ve seen danger yield courage and suffering bring about hope. Like how Noah built that giant lifeboat, or how Americans united in the wake of 911.

Every time it starts to seem like the world is hedging towards saying, “That’s it, I’m done, this whole thing is ruined,” something beautiful emerges that redeems us all. It grants us one more chance. This happens every time. 

Massive sums of money are instantaneously raised. Organizations spring up from out of the ground. Messages of hope and love are spoken as easily as if they were on call, all along. Because, I suppose, they were. 

It happens in an incomputable manner, so that it seems it’s not so, but the balance of love and fear is being continually corrected.

The existence of a need begets an aid.

None of us think to heal a wound we don’t know is there. None of us is automatically drawn to fundraise for a cause we don’t know exists.

We grant permission for divine correction to do its thing is by bringing whatever needs correcting into the light. We activate the power of kindness and goodness when we let others be privy to a situation lacking those things. 

Pass right on by the worry that no one will care about your perceived pain or the suffering of another, or of many others.

Forget the thought that the situation is hopeless so why even mention it.

Whatever the sort of suffering you imagine exists, there is love on the flip side. 

Pass the coin. Press it firmly into an open palm. Watch fingers close in to create a cup in which to shake it, unfurl with a flourish, reveal the coin, magnificent underside face-up.


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