Live Simply in 2019, January Mantra: Begin Now

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Begin now.

Begin today because today is all we know for certain. Because tomorrow you will wish you had begun today.

Begin now if the urge strikes, if the curiosity has bloomed, because the moment it does is the best moment to move into action.

Begin now if you are ready enough to answer the wondering “what if?”

Begin now, even if all you can manage is a baby step forward, a tiny tweak in behavior, a google search. (Every big goal is achieved through small, seemingly innocuous daily action, remember.)

Begin now because you can. Do it for everyone who can’t. The people who aren’t brave enough, or hungry enough, or healthy enough. Do it for the people who haven’t had the privileges you’ve had. Begin today to be the path-paver, the living example.

Begin now to live by your values.

Begin now to make space for the unknown blessings that are already on their way to you.

Begin now to see that every problem or obstacle in your way might actually be an invitation for gratitude.

Begin now to focus on what really matters, and to find reasons to feel good.

Begin now because this moment is the perfect one to draw a line between “how I used to be,” “what I used to tolerate,” and “what I used to drag around with me unnecessarily,” and “who I am striving to be now,” “What I stand for now,” and “what I am choosing to invite into my space and my life going forward.”

Begin now because even if you fail wildly, and you go down on your butt like a skating neophyte on ice, your having tried will earn you the confidence that plies you back up.

Begin now because if all those other shmageggies can do it, why can’t you?! Look at that guy, I mean really

Begin now because it’s never too late, and you’re never too old, and time, though it keeps on passing, is always equally full of possibility.

The time for waiting, putting up with, acting out of obligation, living fearfully, is over the moment you begin.

So begin.




Programming note: Some of you might have noticed that it got awful quiet around here in the month of December. Turns out it’s been nearly a month since my last post, which is the longest, by far and away, that I’ve ever gone without posting since this blog’s inception, 179 years ago.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who felt ghosted. The truth is that there’s been a lot going on behind the scenes; figuring out how to grow my business, figure out where my resources are best spent, not to mention overhaul the entire site (ridiculously long overdue). All of this is wonderful, and has meant, and will likely continue to mean, that the blog is quieter than normal. 

I promise to keep you up to date, and, and am sincerely grateful for your patience in the meantime.

All my love and happy new year wishes,


Holiday Decoration Storage Essentials

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Everyone (who celebrates Christmas) just unpacked all their decorations, and realized, once again, the sad state of their holiday storage situation.

Haggard boxes. Stray cookie tins turned ornament vessel. Cracked bins. And oh, good lord almighty, the lights. The state of the lights was almost enough to cause them to have an aneurism, or at the very least some serious marital anguish.

But this is the year! They’ve decided. This is the year that when it comes down, it gets put away carefully, beautifully, safely. This is the year they procure the necessary storage. In advance! In anticipation!

Well, then…

1. Adjustable ornament storage box

2. ornament storage

3. light and cord wrap with wing lid bin

4. light and cord wind ups

5. Rolling tree storage bag

6. Wreath storage bag

7. Stemware/wine glass storage case // Mug/cup and china storage case

8. Hard shell plate protector

P.S. For everything else: clear, weathertight totes



Monday’s Meditation: On This New Day

Monday, December 3, 2018

Today is a new day.

I’ll say that again.

Today is a new day.

Today, you are not just starting back where you left off last night. When you blinked your eyes open in the darkness, you restarted. You left behind everything that happened yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

The heaviness of the past is a weight you processed in your sleep. It escaped through your dreams like vapors. 

Today is an open field for you to play in. (Remember recess? Today is like that.) Today, there is nothing but limitless green stretching out in front of you, and every blade of grass stands tall; unbent. Today, you own the field. You wear the whistle. You pick the game. You make up its rules.

Today, all the ways you once fell short are erased. The loop you had going yesterday–the one about your impatience, and your thigh dimples, and your crappy shoes–hasn’t started. Today, it doesn’t need to start.

Today, you can proclaim to yourself all the ways you’re amazing. “You’re amazing!” You can tell your reflection.

Today, you’ll remind yourself how well you’re doing, all things considered. You’ll think about all the forces working in your favor. 

Today, you will be excellent, and you won’t apologize so much for every little perceived slight.

Today, you are already a champion. Already the best. Already the front of the pack in the race that is being run by only you. Today, you are what no other person can be.

Today, so long as you practice compassion for yourself and for others, you will be considered a success.

Today is your chance to set new personal records.

Today is your chance to put your resolve to the test.

Today, you are free to say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

Today, you are better than before.

Today, you are more aware, more capable, and more equipped.

Today, you are showing up and paying attention.

Today, you are thankful for the miracle that is today, a new day.

Today, you promise to let yourself be new, too.