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Live Simply in 2019, August Mantra: Heed Your Intuition

My first introductions to intuition came from spiritual leaders and self-help writers. "Your intuition is that little voice inside you," they all told me. "It has all the answers." I took their explanations to mean that there ought to be an oracle dwelling within me, a psychic on constant speed dial who, from their descriptions, camped out somewhere in the pit of my stomach. Eventually, I realized that my intuition did have the answers. Just ...

Live Simply in 2019, July Mantra: Release Expectations

  We're a demanding group of people; have you noticed? We want precisely what we want at the moment we desire it, hold strongly preconceived notions about how long getting what we want should take, how much it will cost, and how much effort it will require. These expectations are so often fulfilled according to our exact wishes (hello, Prime shipping, GPS, et al.), causing us to treat expectations as guarantees. But the world doesn't ...

Live Simply in 2019, June Mantra: Simplify Schedules

Embracing a freer schedule is natural, but it isn’t normal in this part of the world. Here, we hurry. We shlep. We carpool, and schedule, and reschedule, and sign up, and register and pre-register. We keep busy. Busyness is the way in which we distract ourselves from having to examine who we might really be and what we might really want. Being busy keeps fear at bay. Fear that children might not turn out successful ...

Live Simply In 2019, May Mantra: Revel In The Routine

Routines are magic.  Tasked with making an endless slew of new, additional decisions daily, our overloaded minds thrive when they're able to rely on pre-established rhythms and choices. But when we aren't present to our daily lives, when we're just going through the motions, routines can turn into the stale traps a person dreams of escaping. The way to avoid routine-burnout is to derive exceeding pleasure in the facets of your daily life. And the ...

Live Simply in 2019, April Mantra: Find Reasons To Feel Good

It was a sunny, Spring afternoon, and I was headed home from a meeting with a fantastic client. I had my windows rolled all the way down for the first time in months, and I was really basking in it. Stuck my arm way out and spread my fingers in the air and everything. A car passed me going the opposite direction, its windows rolled down also, so that the driver's brusque baritone carried directly ...

Live Simply in 2019, March Mantra: Re-Examine The Familiar

Most of us yearn for familiarity. All we want is the safety and security that comes after routines have been established, relationships have been solidified, and the terrifying phase of the unknown has transformed into the familiar. Our brains, in attempts to conserve energy, begin to ignore what has been deemed non-threatening to survival. It's smart, really. Makes plenty of sense from an evolutionary standpoint. But this kind of autopilot familiarity can be a breeding ...

Live Simply in 2019, February Mantra: Stick To Your Systems

Conceived during moments of epiphany, revelation, and ambition, the systems we build into and for our lives become integral to our overall functioning. We design them (or have them designed) because we need them in place in order to go about the business of being our best selves. Without systems, our lives are chaotic. The flow of our days is unexamined and unconsidered. The optimal order of operations never nailed down. Without systems, every action ...

Live Simply in 2019, January Mantra: Begin Now

Begin now. Begin today because today is all we know for certain. Because tomorrow you will wish you had begun today. Begin now if the urge strikes, if the curiosity has bloomed, because the moment it does is the best moment to move into action. Begin now if you are ready enough to answer the wondering "what if?" Begin now, even if all you can manage is a baby step forward, a tiny tweak in ...

Holiday Decoration Storage Essentials

Everyone (who celebrates Christmas) just unpacked all their decorations, and realized, once again, the sad state of their holiday storage situation. Haggard boxes. Stray cookie tins turned ornament vessel. Cracked bins. And oh, good lord almighty, the lights. The state of the lights was almost enough to cause them to have an aneurism, or at the very least some serious marital anguish. But this is the year! They've decided. This is the year that when ...

Monday’s Meditation: On This New Day

Today is a new day. I'll say that again. Today is a new day. Today, you are not just starting back where you left off last night. When you blinked your eyes open in the darkness, you restarted. You left behind everything that happened yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. The heaviness of the past is a weight you processed in your sleep. It escaped through your dreams like vapors. ...


Annie Traurig was born with the ability to see order through clutter. As a child, she spent playdates organizing friends’ closets and packing their duffle bags for summer camp.

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