Spotlight On A Timeless & Serene Hamptons Estate

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I’m not a designer, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that being approached by a real estate developer in possession of a 12,600-square-foot, 11-bedroom, and 12-bathroom estate in Sagaponack would be massively intriguing. Were that designer to be propositioned with designing the entire operation, nary a client to compromise with, well, I’m guessing that would have to be right up there with as good as it gets.

Not that it could have been an easy task for the designer in question, Tamara Magel. Consider the twelve bathrooms, alone. Evidently, she persevered, successfully creating a lavish estate that is both timeless and sophisticated as it is rustic and relaxed. 

Naturally (since it’s on this blog) it has a strong neutral palette that carries throughout. The white, polished vibe, potentially cold otherwise, becomes glacially serene when paired with rustic ceiling beams, sheepskin throws, and knitted poufs.

Here’s a peak at the place, a.k.a. here’s what $24 million buys you on a lot in Sagaponack. Oh, rarified Hamptons air, you do tempt us, so. 

$24 million dollar's worth of a timeless and relaxed Hamptons estate. $24 million dollar's worth of a timeless and relaxed Hamptons estate. $24 million dollar's worth of a timeless and relaxed Hamptons estate. $24 million dollar's worth of a timeless and relaxed Hamptons estate. $24 million dollar's worth of a timeless and relaxed Hamptons estate.

10 Essentials For An Organized, Space-Maximized Dorm Room

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Let me preface this post by saying that I firmly believe it is premature. That said, the retail cycle’s prematurity often means that providing information in a timely fashion is all too late. So, to err on the side of caution (i.e. before you’ve spent thousands of dollars at Bed, Bath & Beyond) (no offense to BB&B), I’m coming at you with dorm room essentials.

Recently, City remarked to me about how totally amped on his his college-bound bud must be. I can’t remember exactly the words used, but “best,” and “excited” were certainly among them. To which I hastily retorted: Maybe… Or maybe not. The days before I first went to college were filled with an anxiety and dread so palpable I could have snacked off of them and probably did.

Right, he said. Oh yeah, I guess maybe there’s some of that, too.

Perhaps it was because high school was a peak in my life, heading off to college felt like willingly being shipped away to limbo-land where kids were suspended in time before being spit out, none of the wiser, as “adults.”

Just the thought of moving into that dorm room at the University of Michigan makes me feel nauseous, truth be told. Cold, stark, filled only with the ghosts of doe-eyed freshman dreams and black out drunks, that dorm room felt like it could have been a Sterilite jail cell.

You know what would have helped? Decking that empty dorm room out in soothing, lovely, storage elements. Ones that weren’t so overwhelmingly plastic-y.

So, in the effort to support others during this exciting (weird), awesome (scary), freedom-filled (feel-like-you-wanna-barf-and-run-away-back-home) transition, I’ve assembled a collection of dorm room essentials that are decidedly more stylish and inviting than the standard. 

10 essentials for an organized, space-maximized dorm room.

1. Solid wood bed risers

2. Shower caddy

3. Clear stackable shirt & accessory drawer // clear stackable shoe drawer // clear stackable sweater drawer // clear stackable men’s and athletic shoe drawer

4. Under the bed rolling wood box

5. Igloo mini fridge

6. Shimmer crunch can hamper with handles

7. Mini fridge cart

8. Over the door hook

9. Adjustable double hanging closet rod

10. Hangers





Monday’s Meditation: On The Point Of Things Falling Apart

Monday, August 7, 2017

From the Monday's Meditation series: the point of things falling apart.

Once upon a time, one of my very best friend’s life fell apart for a minute. 

She is undoubtedly one of my stablest friends, as adverse to bullshit as I, and so, for her life to fall apart so drastically and unexpectedly is not a common occurrence. Nevertheless, it was a matter of hours between the collapse of two of the biggest dominoes in her life.

At 10:00 AM, she received confirmation of the fact that the guy who she had been invested in for nine months was not interested in furthering their relationship. Pow.

At 12:00PM, her boss called her into his office to inform her that after five years, during which she single-handedly steered what was before her arrival and what will once again be following her departure, a schlock company, she was fired. Fired! Collect your things and we can tell everyone whatever you want and you’ll soon lose access to your email, fired! Pow, pow. 

A different person might have taken her being unceremoniously dumped by a guy she was crazy about and fired from her job in the same day as a sign that life was shit, people are the worst, and the only suitable course of action would be to crawl under the covers and binge-watch Sex and the City episodes while crying into a pint of Halo Top (calorie conservation, even in times of devastation).

A different person might have wondered why life had to be so hard for her, why she never got what she deserved, and other self-pitying thoughts. 

When we spoke on the phone at 12:30, she was calm. She told me matter of factly what had been said in the meeting. And then, because she isn’t a different person, but herself, she realized how everything in her life was perfect. I mean, it wasn’t really perfect, it was shit momentarily. But she saw what it takes a truly special person to recognize: her life, her psyche, her whole being was learning an important lesson–a lesson that she, herself, had created the opportunity to learn.

It was she who had been saying for many months how unfulfilled work was making her, how it was no longer a place she felt she could rise to her highest potential. It was she who was getting tired of the office shenanigans, she who was getting impatient about the company’s reluctance to innovate. It was she who had told me in a phone conversation not three weeks prior that she really ought to start getting her resume in order, polishing her portfolio, and thinking about what more there could be out there. 

It was she who had noticed months prior that the guy she thought might have been the guy was no longer giving her the reciprocal energy she deserves. 

And yet, in both cases, she remained committed. She is wired to give to others, to continually show up for others. 

But whether it was our numerous phone calls, during which I repeatedly told her the necessary truth, or her subconscious, or both, bullshit was being called. Her internal knowing that she is worthy of receiving as much as she gives was waving the penalty flag. That knowing, combined with my cajoling, had undoubtedly caused her to stop feigning patience for unproductive office meetings. It had caused her to get upset with this guy, enough to address it with him. It had caused both to say: that’s it, we’re done here.

Life hadn’t happened to her; she had created the circumstances she most needed in order to learn the lessons essential to her growth as a person. All along, no matter what she might have thought she wanted out of the work and romantic relationships, she needed this.

The synchronicity of everything was setting in, the overlaps becoming more and more obvious to us. Our voices were getting louder and louder, until we were just two shrieking imbeciles, on either end of the phone, excitedly putting together all the pieces that had been scattering over the last five years, over the last nine months, over her whole life.

“I’m so excited for you!” I yelled. 

“I’m so excited, too!” She yelled back. 

Things fall apart not to devastate, but to invite us to realign ourselves with the people, environments, and energy levels that fit our now-higher, more evolved selves, here to love and be loved, to give and receive in equal measure.