Live Simply In November: Intention

November 1, 2022


In the karmic equation that rules our lives, intention is the cause that ultimately creates an effect.

When we consciously set an intention, we align ourselves with our authentic purpose and desire. On an unconscious and conscious level, we put forth the energy that’s required to bring about our intended outcome. Without intention, we’re like aimless waifs, living to accomodate the needs of others before ourselves. We compromise our self worth, say yes to others when what we really want to say is, “Oh, hell no!” and hatch rootless ideas without considering the impact they’ll have.

Living with a lack of intention means we constantly find ourselves in scenarios we don’t really wish to be involved in, or committed to endeavors we’re not really passionate about.

But when we harness the power of intention, we purposefully design our lives, contribute meaningfully, and communicate effectively. The quality of our intention, or our energy at the outset, is the key. If we’re anxious, or desperate, or seeking some shortcut, what we’ll ultimately experience are outcomes that mirror those emotions. If, for instance, we’re overly anxious to secure a business deal merely because we’re desperate for the money it will provide, the result of that arrangement will in some way produce anxiety and scarcity. If, on the other hand, we bring love, excitement, and genuine enthusiasm to a project–if we take time to consider our intention behind that project–the effect we experience is bound to be in line with our initial energy.

Put Simply: What we intend, we actualize. What we put out returns to us. 

The easiest way to live with more intention is to begin each day by declaring yours. Before you pick up your phone, before you step your foot down on the floor, take two seconds to express your intention for the day ahead of you.

“Today I intend to be patient.” You might say. Or, “Today I intend to be of ultimate service to the people around me.” Or, “Today I intend to shatter the records I set yesterday.”

Channel the energy. Name your aim. Live on purpose.



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