Live Simply In October: Satisfaction

October 6, 2022

In life, there are the tasks we want to do and the ones we know we need to do. Most unfortunately, these two things often don’t overlap. Like, you know you need to move your body, but what you want to do is become your bed. Or, you know you need to create an orderly, calming environment for yourself and your family but what you want to do is anything other than edit and organize.

There are plenty of methods you might employ to motivate yourself into action. This month, let satisfaction be your lure.

Satisfaction is the reward. The fulfillment of your wishes and needs. It’s the ribbon you break at the finish line of your race. It’s the “I Did That Thing Even Though It Sucked So Much At Times” trophy.

The more of those trophies you collect, the more faith you have in your ability to follow through, and to push yourself to do what’s necessary, beneficial and worthwhile even when it’s the last thing you feel like doing. The more you prove to yourself that you’re able to show up consistently for your values and priorities, the more capable you begin to feel overall.

When you hold a desire for satisfaction at the forefront of your mind, you expand your focus beyond the potential struggle in the present moment. You become more able to envision how you’ll feel in the future. You realize that your actions at this moment are not isolated. What you do in this moment will decide whether your future self experiences the gladness and relief of a job seen through and a value upheld, or has to reconcile disappointment and frustration.

The trick is that you must be ruthlessly selective. Commit to too many tasks or the wrong ones, and you’re bound to get overwhelmed and give up before you ever get to reap the seeds of your work.

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