Weekend Assignment: Declutter Your DVDs & CDs

March 26, 2015

I knew you were at a loss for weekend plans. Somehow I just knew.

That’s why I’ve hereby decreed the span of days between now and Sunday night to be Prime Opportunity to De-Muddle The Contents of Your Media Library (you’re welcome). This project is so easy your pitbull could do it.

Weekend Assignment: Declutter Your DVDs & CDs!

So here’s what you do:

Gather all the movies and cds–the ones in the car, the ones in the binder, the ones still in your players–together into one sorting spot.

Get rid of all the horribly scratched ones that you know for a fact no longer play. Toss them; do I need to say? You can certainly try whatever methods are recommended for de-scratching them, but be warned that means you’ll have to actually do that, not just plan to.

Donate all the movies or music your children have outgrown. Or that you have.

Please let go of the cases whose respective disks you have long since misplaced. Do you want to spend your whole life sitting around waiting for the other sock/earring/DVD to show up? Or do you maybe just want to live it? I thought as much.

Which movies and cds should you keep? The ones you want to watch and listen to, silly! The ones that are your tried and true favorites, that you’ll happily play another six hundred times.

Now corral all your keepers in a manner which might be described as lovely by someone else in addition to you.

Oh! Oh, hey guess what! It’s so convenient; we covered corralling options earlier this week! Look at that. Full circle. Cohesion. Weekend.

Image credits: Sticotti Residence, Architecture by Alejandro Sticotti, Photo by Cristobal Palma via Dwell

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