Ceramic Knives Are Really Nice

September 5, 2013

A while ago now the knife fairies came and brought me what have been since then my favorite knives of all the knives which with to slice– the KitchenAid ceramic knives.

Okay, it should be stated that I am by all accounts a sort of failure when it comes to knives. I mean, I can’t even be bothered to wash them by hand for god’s sake, but still, I know the way any person knows when they slice into a thing whether it’s the single most effortless thing they’ve done all day, or the greatest wrestling match.

When I first acquired said knives they were a foreign sight. I was all, “Why are they white?” and such. Who’d ever seen a white knife anyways? White knights, sure, all the time. But knives?

So, my expectations were low, to say the least.

Then I sliced something. I sliced some more. And I was all, “Holy Julienne! These knives can slice!”

I’m told the blades are white because they’re comprised of an advanced ceramic called zirconium oxide. The process of making these bad boys is intense: a high pressure molding process, followed by many days of being heated over 1000c, afterwards which comes a polish and grinding on a diamond wheel to give the blade a razor-shape edge.

So that’s technical. The translation is that ceramic knives stay sharper longer than steel knives, are rust-proof, are resistant to acids, oils and germs, are easy to clean, and are exceedingly lightweight.

I’m also told that in truth, they aren’t a substitute for steel knives, which should continue to be used for the brunt of your heavy duty cutting. But for precision slicing, for finely dicing fruit and veggies, fish and boneless meats, ceramic is your knife in shining armor.

Live Simply seal of approval official applied. Get yourself some if you know what’s good fer ya.

Any experience with these yourself? Please share! (raves and rejections alike equally accepted).

*Note, this post is not sponsored by Kitchen Aid. Knives were gifted by a friend who is also in no way affiliated with Kitchen Aid. Listen, Kitchen Aid is no where near this, kapeesh? 

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