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January 27, 2015

It’s no secret (I mean, it shouldn’t be) that multi-tasking furniture is essential in smaller spaces, but just plain smart in any sized space. Why kill two birds with two stones? Or three stones? Why kill birds at all?

The storage ottoman or bench provides you with a place with stow various belongings, while also doubling as seating. So you can put stuff in it, and then sit on your stuff without squashing it, and you can’t say as much about any other storage containers. I don’t think.

Not to mention the fact that they work in almost every setting: at the foot of a bed, as accent furniture in the living room, or office, etc. They can work particularly well as camouflaged toy storage in areas where advertising “CHILDREN LIVE HERE” isn’t desired, and lend themselves equally well to storing linens and extra blankets, shoes and workout gear, and whatever other weird things comprise your collection of material belongings.

If Martha was here she’d be all, “They’re a good thing.”

Maybe the best item for a small space--the storage ottoman.

1Kinfine Storage Bench

2. Skyline Square Storage Ottoman

3. Belham Living Dual-Lift Storage Bench

4. Safavieh Storage Ottoman

5. Inspire Q Roman Cow Hide Fabric Storage Bench

6. Skyline Himalaya Upholstered Storage Bench

7Skyline Button Tufted Storage Bench in Pewter

8. Tanisha Storage Ottoman by Safavieh

9. Threshold Storage Tufted Ottoman

10. Jeff Tribal Design Storage Bench

11. Lorraine Upholstered Storage Bench

Get ’em! Get ’em while they’re hot! Or don’t, whatever, it’s cool!

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