Living Room Secret Weapon: Storage Coffee Tables

September 22, 2015

A while ago now I had these two storage cube come coffee tables in my living room. Even though they didn’t look all that large from the outside, they were pretty cavernous in terms of their storage capacity. Sitting smack dab in the middle of the living room as they were, those cubes kept the contents inside uber accessible and entirely concealed, a winning recipe for my really unattractive and very regularly used items (think: ankle weights).

Eventually I fell far out of love with those particular guys and they were said bye to gleefully. My upgrade has everything in looks its predecessors lacked, but, between you and me since we don’t want to hurt its feelings, it just doesn’t bring to the table (ahem) the same storage offering.

It took some definite rearranging and finagling to get everything settled in the house properly sans storage cubes. Eventually I did, because hi, this blog, but I confess the goal would have been much more challenging should space at LSHQ be super tight, as I know it is for so many of you.

All of which is to say that when a reader requested help for maximizing living room storage space in her tiny place (“a drawer won’t cut it,” and, “no can-do on the ottoman front, since this might be doubling as dining room table”) I was filled with the kind of empathy that convinces one the only good and decent thing to do is scour the interwebs and document the findings here.

And so. Storage coffee tables. The small-space dweller’s dream. Also the envy of those who can’t stand to see the remotes when they aren’t actively watching tv. ETC.

storage coffee tables are a small-space dweller's secret weapon. So smart!

1. Lacquered Cache Coffee Table by Tracey Boyd

2. Design District Coffee Table Walnut

3. Cala Hammered Coffee Table

4. Glass-Topped Industrial Storage Coffee Table

5. Eurostyle Aurora White Lacquer Coffee Table

6. Storage Coffee Table, Walnut/Antique Brass

7. Aurelle Home White Storage Coffee Table




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