Fast Fixes For Sticking Drawers

November 12, 2013

Every day, millions of people are living with sticking drawers. Especially those who have a preference for antique furniture are sure to be suffering the plight of having to wiggle and jiggle and shove their drawers free whenever they want a pair of panties. It’s just not right that this should continue.

Clients, my poor clients, will attempt to show me the contents of their drawers, and some of them, I’m sorry to say, have to go so far as to grunt slightly and put the full weight of their body into it. And just so that they can open their damn dresser drawer.

It’s a travesty I tell you.

Then I get to whip out my nifty sticky-drawer-fix and shprrr sphrrr that baby glides like a pair of skis on a lake.

Be the hero of your own stuck-drawer tale.

1. Elmer’s Slide-All Dry Spray Lubricant (the actual version I carry in my workbag and bring to every job site and which I have also used on a sticky zipper of mine) // 2. Slip-It Sliding Compound // 3. Slideez Lubricant (one I’ve never tried, but which gets rave and rather cult-like reviews) //4. Lundmark Wax Pure Bee’s Wax (the tried and true)

There are products to help with sticking drawers and you should get them and unstick your stuck. Wham bam thank you in a can. Seeyahh.

P.S. Some of you are going to be all, “You know, you can just use a bar of soap etc etc.” It should be noted that you absolutely can, it’s also rawther messier, as you can end up with little soap flakes all over the place. So like, maybe try these other products instead?

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