Spotlight on Orrick & Company

August 9, 2013

Orrick & Company is a design firm located in Greenwich Connecticut. Their palette is steeped in lush neutrals, with an ever so occasional surprise of vibrancy thrown in for good measure. At times it’s coastal, and at other times it’s cottage-by-the-lake, and still others it’s rather barn-y. In either case, the overall effect is one of organic design elements with a penchant for the serene.

Let’s start with some kitchens, because Orrick does them so damn well.

How’s that for beauty? The pull-out cutting board gets me. Not to mention the killer styling.

If beachy-detox-zen is your bag of tricks, this next space is sure to please. Wheatgrass shot, anyone?

This next space is the most perfect marriage of glamour-puss and lumberman. Don’t question me. See, it starts off here. Rich, deep neutral tones. That dark subway tiling–if ever there was a time to utter that atrocious “amazeballs” it might be in reference to that display of ceramics, but since there never is, we shall say instead: Oh, Orrick. You’ve done it to me.

That marches right on into this:

Elegance, class, white-is-right.

But ha! You thought you would trade your baby toe (we’re always trading those things in around here) to dine sunflower-side above? You wait.

You just kissed your pinky finger away, didn’t you, you little four-digited design lover you.

That most perfect eating spot branches off into this living room, which, I dunno, it’s not too bad. Tolerable.

And this? Eh. At best.

Now it’s time to say your prayers and find your hair ties and retainers, like all good boys and girls do.

Sweet dreams, c/o Orrick & Co.

Happy weekend, little Live Simplys.

Be good to yourself and tell the special ones how special they are and whatever you do, don’t forget that the whole point is to have fun and feel happy through and through. Or maybe it’s color-coded bookcases; it could be that too.

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