How To Be More Handy Around The House (Or At Least Know Where Your Tools Are)

January 19, 2016

All households that contain at least one semi-handy person would do well to have the essential tools around. And most households do, too. Only from what I’ve seen, there’s very little corralling that goes on with said tools. You might find a stray screwdriver anywhere–the laundry room, mixed in with the kids arts supplies, in a kitchen drawer. Ditto that for scissors. Wrenches are mostly entirely elusive, and as for the tape measures, you better be as invested in scavenging as you are measuring.

The problem, I think, is that either the tools were collected over time, and thus never had a central holding device, or, they came all together in a (very convenient for the consumer) tool kit, as in this one or this one. Over time, the owners of said kits get real tired of trying to finagle the right tool into the right socket in order for the case to actually close (I, personally, won’t blame them for that). And so they stopped returning the most-used tools to the kit, shoving them into the nearest drawer instead. Cue life.

But what if you had a transportable tool caddy, one that maybe, as an added bonus, wasn’t the most generically plastic and metal concoction ever to be sold by the Home Depot (no offense to the Home Depot)? One that actually did contain all the essentials you might need for a given task? That’d be the swellest, wouldn’t it?

It's not an urban myth! Attractive household tool boxes do exist!!

1. Klein Tools 5115 Leather Tote Bag

2. Florida Coast RB 15002 Leather Trim Tool Tote Natural Cotton

3. Wood Tool Box

4. Lund Inc. Handheld Tool Box

5. Tool Box – Light Grey with Mint

6. Handcrafted two-tone steel tool box

7. Bolgar Open Toolbox

8. Universal Expert by Sebastian Conran Storage Caddy

9. No. 175 Tool / Garden Tote

10. Alessi Cargo Box – Multi-Purpose Container – Black

11. Verso Design – Koppa Tool Box

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