Favorite This: May 2018

May 29, 2018

No, but really: what happened to May? I can’t seem to figure it out, but what I can do is round-up the miracle products that stood out against the blur of days. Here they are, just for you.

This product is a major game changer, according to a professional organizer.

1. Clear Stackable Storage Bins

I discovered these last summer, and have managed to neglect mentioning them until now. They’re brilliant for organizing arts and crafts supplies (the application I originally used them for), but equally as great at keeping toiletries neat under the bathroom sink. I recently used one of the larger sizes to corral a client’s small tupperware. Here’s why I think they’re great:

1. They come in a wide variety of sizes, including XS // Small // Medium // Narrow short // Large // medium short // Narrow long // medium tall // wide long short // wide long tall.

2. They feature interior dividers that are fully adjustable/removable.

3. They stack perfectly on top of each other.

4. They have a lip on one end, and a cut-out handle on the other. Both are ideal for reaching and pulling out the bin, which means it’s really a matter of your preference.

5. Possibly the most underrated element of these? The tiny, roller wheels on the back bottom, which allow them to glide seamlessly.


This product is a major game changer, according to a professional organizer.

2. Collapsible Bucket

The moment I laid eyes on this beauty, I knew I needed it. It was in my cart within nanoseconds. Not a day before, I had been traipsing back and forth between my client’s closet and the bathroom sink in order to rinse out my sponge thinking I really aught to figure out a better system. And then voila, like a silicone, small-space friendly, perfectly sized dream, this collapsible bucket turns up on the scene.

If you’re short on space, or you just aren’t wild about having a big, old bucket hanging around anytime you don’t need it, I suggest you get involved.


This product is a major game changer, according to a professional organizer.

3. Acrylic Jewelry Organizer

There are lots of acrylic jewelry organizers on the market, ones big enough to contain the majority of a person’s collection. Only, all the ones I see either have no interior compartments at all, or they’re just lined in a section-less felt or velvet layer, or, if they do have interior sections, the material used is something really harsh in appearance, like brush, or bright pink. It isn’t that there’s anything wrong with said colors, but that usually, I prefer to give people a subtle, calm backdrop against which their baubles can pop.

All of this to say, I was very much pleased to find this acrylic unit this past month, and I readily installed it in a client’s closet. It has three main compartments (a top layer and two drawers, all of which have some divisions), and the lining is a suitably neutral beige-suede color.

Full disclosure: I’m not wild about the “Beautify” label on the front left corner, but it’s a small price to pay for an otherwise totally great jewelry organizer.


This product is a major game changer, according to a professional organizer.

4. Acacia Wood Chopping Block

I’ll spare you the conversation(s) that prompted the purchase of this chopping block in my house. Mostly, the word “MAN-SIZED” was thrown around with deafening repetition. Suffice it to say, one member of my household requested the presence of a chopping block, and after considerable deliberation, I opted for this guy.

It’s as beautiful in real life as it appears on the screen, sits solidly in place on the counter, and is clearly superior quality.

So far, I’ve only considered divorce on a modest number of occasions, when the MAN who INSISTED on the MAN-SIZED COUNTERTOP CHOPPING BLOCK forgets to wipe it off after using it. So, invest in this chopping block to save and threaten your marriage, friends, save and threaten. (And really, isn’t that delicious mixture what life is all about?)

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