Compact, Collapsible Luggage For The Avid Traveler & Small-Space Dweller

June 27, 2017

Luggage has an special knack for eating up square footage in people’s spaces.

Is this in part due to people’s having convinced themselves that they require an entire fleet of suitcases from which to choose for any particular trip? Surely; excess is always partly to blame. But marketing manipulations and the false allure of additional options aside, suitcases, even a modest amount of them, take up a lot of space. They’re meant to contain a slice of your life while you’re away from it, after all.

Those blessed amply in the storage capacity department are able to devote whole closets and areas of basements towards the storing of their suitcases. They may still occasionally lament how much space they’ve given over to their travel bags, but in general they recognize their good fortune at never having to choose between storing a suitcase or their children’s shoes, between stowing some luggage or having a hot water tank.

But what of the small-space denizen? What of the gentle soul who has both a propensity for travel and a desire that their children’s feet be clad so as not to contract tetanus? Who has insatiable wanderlust (or just a job that requires constant to-ing and fro-ing) and who has also been known to enjoy a warm shower?

For them, the solution lies in a suitcase that knows how to make itself small. Like these:

the best collapsible suitcases for the avid traveler/ small-space dweller.

1. Delsey Foldable international carry on

2. Lipault Foldable 28″ packing case There’s no mistaking the fact that Lipault Paris has been leading the collapsible luggage pack for quite a while now. Their bags are sleek, stylish, great quality, and ideal for small-space denizens.

3. Biaggi Zipsack microfold suitcase Biaggi (seen on shark tank) is delivering in a big way on the compact luggage front. They offer both foldable spinner bags (which flatten down for storage) as well as this microfold bag, which folds into 16″ x 12″ x 5″ pouch for easy storage.

4. Lipault Foldable 2-wheeled carry on trolly

5. Barracuda Smart collapsible carry on luggage This bag, backed on kickstarter with over 1 million in funding, is being hailed as the ultimate in style, smarts, and compactness. It’s got a built-in laptop tray, cup holder, USB charging port, and GPS tracking ability. It also has a 360° rotating handle, capable of being locked in six different positions (so it’s easier on your wrist), and, best of all in this case: it collapses so as to be easily stored in a bag say, under your bed, or hang in your closet.

P.S. Although it’s only available for pre-order, this seems to me to be the coolest collapsible-suitcase-cat there’s ever been.


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