About Time: 15 Tech-Forward & Timelessly Cool Clocks

November 7, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I find that the more clocks there are around, the better.

Call it the oppositional by-product of being raised in a house where time is governed not chiefly by the traditional clock, but by an unofficial, self-determined (yet still completely unpredictable) daily rhythm, but I do better when a time-keeping device is in direct sight-line.

I am routinely the beneficiary of my bathroom clock, always convincing me to lather faster lest I be late, as it does.

It is with a kind of religious fervor that I am also forever sporting a dumb, white, supercheap digital watch (even on television interviews, much to my BFF’s chagrin) that unlike its more elegant counterparts beeps on the hour. Sans chimes, I am apt to revert to my roots: loosing all sense of time and minutes elapsed.

I’m not the only one who needs to be kept in the time-loop; people are always asking me what time it is. Either they haven’t the foggiest what the hour is, or it’s so damn dark outside thanks to Daylight Saving Time that they feel the need to double check.

I have a theory that with the advent of smartphones, many people bid goodbye to their watch-wearing days. Who needs a watch when a time-teller (and so much more!) is pretty much always in the palm of your hand? Only it isn’t, really. Inevitably, you put your phone down somewhere and then get caught up in whatever activity it is you’re doing, and before you know it, you’re risking tardiness to the pick-up line.

The truth of the matter is, knowing the time is grounding. Being aware of the time helps us adhere to, and participate in, our lives. It is the structure we live within. The least we can do is keep ourselves abreast of it. And the best way to ensure we’re able to do so is to (hey, look down below!) keep a clock handy.


1. Mirror alarm clock with LED table lamp

2. White wood LED digital alarm clock

3. Wake-up alarm clock light with sunrise and sunset simulation

4. LCD bedside clock with pop up alarm

5. Stainless steel flip clock

6. Cloud alarm clock

7. Covent Garden Clock in dreamy pink

8. Bankers alarm clock

9. Newgate Charlie Bell alarm clock in pebble white

10. Tumbler alarm clock

11. Twin bell alarm clock in navy and brass

12. Bedside alarm clock

13. Emily & Meritt Alarm clock

14. Normal alarm clock

15. Nelson night clock




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