8 Wonderful Wall Shelves

April 15, 2014

We all ought to know by now (tell me we do) what a crime it is to let prime vertical space go to waste. Wall shelves are a winning way to both capitalize on said space, while also injecting some decorative flavor.

I’ve rounded up 8 of the most whimsical, most striking, and most fab wall shelves just for you. These shelves won’t hold up your skis, but they will help you keep track of all the bits and bobs in your life, including keys, mail, office supplies, small toys, et al, and really, those are the things you need help with anyway.

1. Giant Red Circular Metal Wall Shelf

2. Tundra Wall Cubby

3. Kalalou Red Arrow Cubby

4. Brookner 5 Vertical Cubby Organizer

5. Pressed Metal Wall Cube

6. Wire Wall Cubby

7. Townhouse Wall Cubby

8. Colton Metal & Wood Wall Unit

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