8 Totally Great (Non-Ugly) Shoe Racks

April 21, 2015

If there’s one thing people are perpetually in need of it’s shoe racks. This is hardly because shoe racks are hard to come by; in fact, the interwebs and the home goods stores are stocked to high heavens with the things. Only, the majority of them are about as appealing in looks and quality as something very, very unappealing.

So I set out to find a bunch of shoe racks that are wholly unobjectionable in looks and craftsmanship. A few might even be rawther stylish places to park your footwear.

You be the judge/shopper.

shoe racks for every space!


1. Chrome Supreme 50 Pair Shoe Rack

2. Four tier Stacking Shoe Rack

3. New York Closet Shoe Ladder

4. Sko Shoerack – Grey

5. Sarah Storage Tower – Shoes & Boots

6. Kellan Shoe Rack

7. Mercer Storage Bench

8. Universal Expert Shoe Bench




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