8 Storage Totes For Easy Transport Of Summer Fun Supplies

June 13, 2017

‘Tis the season of toting.

No matter the life stage you’re in, and no matter the activities that fill your summer days, you’re almost bound to find yourself transporting goods from point a. somewhere in your space, to point b. a place for you to more sufficiently soak up some rays and/or wear out of children.

Whether you’re carrying the arsenal of supplies needed to make a magical swimming day, the components needed for a picnic in the park, or just the tools needed to dine al fresco on your deck, you’re going to be getting your tote on.

Why not make that stance easy, breezier by employing a sturdy, stylish storage entity that happens to feature toting-friendly detailing?

Below, a selection of eight mobile-ready storage baskets just for you. Totes away!

Storage baskets perfect for toting around summer fun essentials.


1. Big Luggy

2. Leather tote

3, Heather crunch bin

4. Waterproof collapsible tote

5. Flax storage bin

6. Outdoor basket

7. Tassel basket

8. Piki basket






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