7 Stylish Lazy Susan Turntables

May 16, 2017

As long ago established, the potential applications for lazy susans are seemingly endless. They’re brilliantly effective in the pantry and in kitchen cupboards, equally useful in under-sink spaces, and can even be employed inside the fridge.

It occurred to me rawther recently that people tend to consider lazy susans more as functional workhorses than as display-worthy solutions. They seem obvious when placed behind closed cupboard doors, but less so when it comes to prime retail locations such as kitchen countertops, dining tables, and so on.

But to make such a grave miscalculation would be to miss out on the ease that the turntable inherently provides. Why not use one to corral cooking essentials and ensure accessing each one requires next to no effort? Why not place one in the center of the dining table, chinese restaurant style, and make passing condiments and more from one of the table to the other a breeze for all involved? Why not make the surface on which you place things work harder than you do? Let my people turn!

7 Stylish Lazy Susan Turntables


1. olivewood lazy susan

2. acacia lazy susan

3. hammered copper lazy susan

4. slate lazy susan

5. spun lazy susan

6. marble lazy susan

7. windsor marble lazy susan




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