6 Tips For Making Your Rental Feel More Like Your Home Sweet Home

July 29, 2015

Really wanting to love your rental but stuck on how to make it feel like home, without alienating your landlord and being cast out on the streets? Don’t worry my little peach, I got you. Follow these six tips to Happy Town.

1. Hang stuff


6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!).

The fastest, most impactful way to inject your personality into your rental is to hang art and shelves for display or storage.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to hang a little shelf and so they never do. But often times a shelf here and there can be the difference between sterile and personal, between over- cramped and (semi) spacious.

6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!). 6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!).


2. Hang curtains

Curtains are another decorative element that most people neglect in a rental because they assume they’re too much of a commitment, too invasive an installation.

To the contrary: once you have your curtains picked out, you can have those suckers up in under twenty minutes (that’s being generous) and down even faster.

3. Take every small opportunity for upgrade

6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!).

There are lots of ways to temporarily suit your rental space to your needs and aesthetics, though most people overlook them. The key is to consider all the implements you can install and then take with you when you go. A few suggestions:

-Kitchen hardware. Especially if they’re just knobs, kitchen hardware can be easily removed and swapped out for ones that bring you the happy. Keep the original hardware in a ziploc and definitely don’t lose that bag.

– Shower head. Don’t just take the dopey shower head your rental comes with as the bee all and end all. Do you know that there are things like the ‘Zon? Like Bed, Beth & Beyond, simply stocked with shower head after shower head, all with various settings and pressure?

Choose one you love over what’s been provided and reap the benefits of a better shower experience every day for the duration of your lease. Or, you know, however often you shower, gross.


4. Unscrew those hinges

The flip side of number 3 is to temporarily take away whatever elements of your rental aren’t gelling with you. Like what?

6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!).

– Cupboard doors. Turn those cupboards into open shelving if that’ll make the storage space more accessible (hint: it often will).

– Any other doors or barriers that you deem obstructive. Probably you shouldn’t deem the front door as that.

– Gross blinds, if there are any, and you think they’re gross, and would rather hang your own or just hang curtains or just have naked windows.


5. B.Y.O. Lamp.

I, for one, am extremely sensitive to lighting. If the lights are hospital-like, I won’t turn them on. If that precludes my using a given area past daylight hours–no chance you’ll find me chilling there. And while replacing lighting and even light fixtures intimidates a hell of a lot of renters (for good reason), there’s no soul who should be wary of shopping the lamp department.

Get the floor lamps, the table lamps, the nightlights going. Position them precisely where you wish. Select the wattage and type of bulb, and then forget the rental’s lighting even exists, if it’s that bad.

6. Wallpaper the place

6 tips for making your rental feel more like your own (#3 especially!).

This is one item that I’m including purely because I know it’s a thing, but not because I have any personal experience with it. If you do, please.

They make now such a thing as removable wallpaper that are meant for rentals or habitual non-committers. So, maybe look into that.


K, hope this helps and happy leasing!


Image credits: Edyta, A Cup Of MaiInto The Gloss, Dagmar Daley via Remoldista,  Kirsten Coplans via Apartment Therapy, Betapet

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