5 Ways To Live More Simply This Thanksgiving (Or Any Other Day Of The Year)

November 25, 2015

5 Tips that everyone needs reminding of now and again. Especially on holidays and special occasions.

Gorgeous thanksgiving/autumn tablescape and 5 tips for how to stay sane through the holiday.

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

At the table and in life. Don’t offer to cook the entire dinner if that’s more than you can reasonably handle on your own. Don’t promise three sets of friends and two sets of families you’ll be sure to stop by their house on turkey-day to say hi. Think about what you’re saying you’re going to go. Think about the effort it’ll entail. Be impeccable with your word and don’t overcommit.

2. Ask for help.

It really never is too late and helping, willing hands and hearts are always to be found–if only you make your desire for them known.

3. Give yourself a buffer zone.

Give yourself a couple of extra minutes more than you think you’ll need to get from point a to point b, to prepare a dinner, to wrap a hostess gift, to set the table. You can anticipate and plan up until a certain point, and after that, well, you won’t have to find out if you give yourself a buffer zone from the get-go.

Gorgeous thanksgiving/autumn tablescape and 5 tips for how to stay sane through the holiday.

4. Offer to help.

In a way that makes clear you actually intend to give it should the person you’re offering it to accept. Offer to help with anything, if you feel up for it, or let people know what task you’re Simply stellar at and offer to help out with that.

5. Have your editor’s eyes on.

As you’re pulling out annual decorations or table settings, using cooking instruments and recipes, keep your editor eyes on. Editing is best when it’s done comprehensively and all at once, yes, but a little here and there never hurts, either.

Seldom-used items are actually easier to evaluate, since you’re more likely to see them with fresh eyes. So look closely at your selection of turkey basters, ladles, table mats, candle holders and so on. Those that no longer reflect who you are today should go the way of the donation bin.

The best way to display your attitude of thanksgiving is by using and loving the things you own, and sharing those things that no longer serve you with people who’ll love them now.

Image credits: Photography: Sarah Culver, Styling: Caitlin Moran via Glitter Guide, Photography by Aubrie Pick for Apartment 34

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