3 Ways To Make Having Houseguests More Enjoyable For Everyone

November 18, 2015

When the Jojotastic-est of them all asks you to put together houseguest tips, you click to open Word and get to key-striking. When she asks you to help her assemble a little houseguest kit you brush your hair and get to stepping.

Thus it was that these reminders (down yonder) and that delightfully charming houseguest kit (over at Hotel Jojo) came to be.

Top 3 tips for having houseguests (just in time for the holidays!)

1. Motivation Carries An Overnight Bag

Having and maintaining an edited, organized house is so essential for your overall wellbeing. It’s something you need to do for yourself—to enjoy, and to be nurtured by.

That said, if you haven’t gotten around to tackling your clutter, an impending houseguest might just be the motivation you’ve needed.

No one else wants to lay among your delayed decisions, or paint their nails with you amid your waiting-for-the-slightest-invitation-to-avalanche-over piles.

Before your guest arrives, make time to bring more simplicity and clarity to your space. A well-cared for home that beautifully reflects its owner’s tastes and personality will be a place others are happy to stay, as well.

2. Give The People What They Need

The surest way to be host with the most? Put together a small collection of essentials for your houseguests; fill it with items they’ll need or want while staying with you, and which they will be so happily relieved not to have to bug you for.

Essentials might include: a bath towel, a washcloth, a pair of warm socks or slippers, an eye mask, a toothbrush, some soap and hand cream. Plus, I don’t know what guest wouldn’t be delighted to find some cheeky midnight snacks and a beverage tucked in their guest kit.

Scope more of my suggested houseguest kit inclusions in Joanna’s post.

3. Well Didjya Tell Them?

Most people really do want to be respectful houseguests, not the biggest nuisance you’ve ever agreed to let stay with you.

The best way to ward against tension, resentment, or feeling like your space has been invaded is to communicate clearly with your guest.

In a larger space this is made easier, since you may be able to dedicate a whole room, an empty closet, a spare bath and more to your guest. The smaller your space, and the pickier you are, the more the need for you to communicate.

A Simple, “You can put your bag right here,” said not the least bit bossily can cure a whole load of houseguests ailments. The same is true for things like where you’d love for guests to hang their coats, put their shoes, or hang their towel.

Your guest doesn’t want to most put their stuff where you least want it, it’s just that they won’t know the difference unless you tell them.



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