13 Products For Staying Unbelievably Fresh & Clean When Traveling

June 24, 2015

There are lots of things that are easier to do at home than on the road. Watering the garden, for instance. Gabbing with next door neighbors as you do so. Practicing yoga naked in your living room. Those sorts of things. Another, regrettably, is being clean.

“Travel is just another term for the fight to avoid smelling rank and collecting stranger-germs,” wrote a notable travel writer famously. Maybe. I mean they might have written that. I’ll bet one did, at some point, in some words or other.

Even if I was the sole penner of that sentence, anyone who’s endeavored to travel from their home elsewhere has been faced with the question of how to stay clean now that they’ve done so.

For one, there’s the being bombarded by germs. Handrails and door handles and keypads and–my germophobia is getting worse with every passing day, in case you were wondering, and I’m powerless to stop it.

For two, there’s the glorious side effect of hustling from this point to that, rushing to catch this mode of public transport while lugging those three bags and that, my friends, is sweat.

Three is the fact that unless you’re planning to tourist-shop your way to being dressed each day, you’re generally expected to work with whatever you’ve brought along with you. Last time I checked, washing machines don’t pack easily. Like my last fortune cookie said, “Those who admirably attempt to pack lightly may run out of clean undies by day 3.”

What’s a hygiene-conscious traveler to do?

So glad you asked.

A happy traveler is a clean traveler! Products to keep you feeling fresh as daisies no matter how far off the beaten path you may be.


1. The Laundress New York Travel Pack – First line of defense of clothing staying fresh-t0-death, crease and odor free.

2. The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray – All Natural, Aloe – 2 oz – Must. Necessity. Use it constantly, pretty please.

3. I Love My Muff – Probably every traveling woman should own these products based off of the name, alone.

4. Men’s Organizing Travel 4-Pack – Separate cases make for cleaner bags.

5. Stall Mates Wipes: Flushable, portable, eco-friendly individually wrapped bathroom wipes – All natural wipes; you use them as you see fit.

6. Reviver Freshening Swipes – These ingenious products have featured on the show Shark Tank, obviously.

7. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag – Forget my statement above, this washing machine does pack exceedingly well.

Best to think of the contents of your bag like a toddler might their dinner plate: the less separate dishes touching each other, the better:

8. FLIGHT 001 GO CLEAN Heels – Pink

9. Flight 001 On The Go Bags – Coral

10. Flight 001 F1 Spacepak Shoe Bag – Green

11. Flight 001 Go Clean Laundry Bag – Turquoise

12. Travel Bag Set

13. FLIGHT001 Go Clean Gym Gear – Neon Orange – Anyone who works out on the road and then has to lug their gross, sweaty workout clothes home: hi. You need this. I do, too.


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