12 Little Lights For Fall And Winter Nights

September 15, 2015

It’s happening. Officially. The days are getting shorter and the darkness is descending upon us earlier and earlier with each passing day and to be entirely frank: this fact really bums me out.

But since this blog and life are supposed to be joy-filled and not sinkholes of depression and despair, let’s turn our attention to the happier business of combating the darkness outside by increasing the light inside. It’s really the only fighting chance we have, people. Well, you know, that and plane tickets.

This way is more affordable.

So then! Lights. Little lights for all the darkened corners of your home. No child is too young, nor an adult too old to benefit from additional wattage, so says me.

little lights for fall and winter nights!


1. Marquee Light Up Moon

2. Ceramic Owl Nightlight

3. Kalalou Anchor Marquee Light-Up Sign

4. Agate Night Lights

5. Boon Glo Nightlight with Portable Balls

6. Ceramic Dog Lamp Base by Ann-Katrin Braf

7. Mini Abacus Table Lamp – Milk

8. Mini Industrial Cage Lamp, Marble/Antique Brass

9. Mini Jack Table Lamp, Soft Gold

10. Galaxy You Later Night Light in Moon

11. Pop Icon Nightlight Cloud

12. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp


How else are you lighting up your life these days? Do tell, cause I, at least, want to know.








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