11 Self-Adhesive Hooks, Perfect For Rental Spaces & Unhandy Homies

April 17, 2018

Most people could, in all likelihood, do with a few more hooks in their life.

There’s always a stray apron to be hung, or a couple of hats, a gym bag, or a robe.

Only, said people are rather remiss, I find, to install a hook.

Maybe it’s that they have putting-holes-in-walls fear. Most probably it’s that.

Maybe they would happily make Swiss cheese of their drywall, only they’re not especially handy, and consider themselves too ill-equipped to even attempt a wall-mounting.

Maybe they have a track record for carving craters into walls and have been expressly told that their are no longer allowed to puncture any wall without being under direct supervision.

In any case, the ultimate solution is an adhesive hook. It’s the perfect non-committal answer to the seemingly arbitrary presence of an apron (“Who knows how long this will be around? Am I really going to install a hook just for this??”). Adhesive hooks are also a godsend for those poor souls with P.H.I.W.F., who are lacking in the handy department, or who are banned from putting hammer to wall.

But what’s the offering like, anyhow? Is my only option your bog-standard command hook? You’re wondering. Or, is it possible: are there stylish offerings in the world of adhesive hooks?

Well, hey, let’s explore that together, shall we?

11 Self-Adhesive Hooks, Perfect For Rental Spaces & Unhandy Homies

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