The Famous Wall-Mounted Wire Basket

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remember this little picture? It appeared in my mail organization post last week if for some reason you live busy lives outside this blog and missed it (how could you?)

Yeah, well that little picture caused quite the stir in the interwebs; the biggest stir, in fact, that this blog has had to date. Stats soared, hundreds of people pinned. And just a harmless little wire mailbox, whodathunk it not me.

Point being, I received a great deal of interest in the photo, and more specifically, where one might purchase the wire basket featured therein. And while I can’t connect you directly to the retailer of that very basket because I Live Simply not Psychically, I did what any devoted blogger would do– spent a good few hours sourcing similar products for you.

[In case you hadn’t picked up on it at this point, this post is all about this silly wire basket and if you don’t care about that, not much is going to change here today and so I say, “carry on,” and always “come back tomorrow PLEASE).]

Here, then, are a lot of wire baskets for purchase:

Stillmore 3-Door Container

Ryan Wall Storage Unit

Ryan Wire Baskets

Lone Elm Studios Metal Wall Basket

Wooden Wall Bracket With Wire Baskets

PE Collection 3 Pocket Organizer

The Famous Wall-Mounted Wire Basket :: Live Simply by AnnieVintage Wall Pocket

Wire Wall Storage Bins

House Doctor- Vintage Wire Mail Box

Uniche Interior Furnishings- Zinc Wire Letter Basket

Storewell Wall Storage Shelf

Hopefully, if you had any interest at all in scooping one of these up, I’ve made your life a little easier… perhaps, dare I say it, I’ve helped you Live Simply.

And if you just liked the look of the thing in the photo but had no intention of buying it, well then, mazel tov, I’ve given you more treats on which your eyes can feast.

And if you don’t give two hoots about the basket or the photo or the mail and you still managed to make it this far, then: thank you. I probably owe you a pinky finger or something.

K bye!

12 thoughts on “The Famous Wall-Mounted Wire Basket

  1. sunny

    I pinned it…. and looked at why I did that… It’s the writing on the label that is the perfect touch and sets the baskets apart from other baskets. Is the writing a font you use? or your own penmanship?

    It’s beautiful and is the reason I had to save the photo via pinterest and on my laptop. 🙂

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    1. Annie Post author

      I would say it depends on which one you go with, but you can’t go wrong with wall anchors and screws!

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