Live Simply Losers: Canvas Shelves and Scarf Hangers

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I take it as a given that the majority of you have a limited budget. Very limited when it comes to organizing-specific expenses. And because of that, I see it as my duty to keep you well-informed about which products are worth your (presumably) hard-earned dollars, and which ones aren’t. Today we’re going to cover the latter.

I should note that my decision to disclose inside information on these two particular items doesn’t point to their vast inferiority in relation to other products. These aren’t the two most abominable products ever to be manufactured. They are simply the two that have been on my mind lately. Alright, without further ado, the Don’t Buy Me’s:

Canvas hanging shelves

The promise: An inexpensive way to add additional shelving to your closets.

The truth: They are, in fact, inexpensive. As in cheap. In my experience, these wannabe shelves stay flat for as long as they remain unused. Put them to your purpose and their “reinforced” bottoms will quickly begin to sag. Hanging there in midair, they are also likely to tip and sway, making it difficult to retrieve or replace anything without upsetting most of the other items nestled a few “shelves” down.

What if I already own these? First, don’t feel like a doofus. You had good intentions when you purchased these. But you were (a little bit) deceived. Make the most of the canvas hanging shelves you’re stuck with by only stocking them with lightweight items. This will delay the whole sagging process described above.

The take-away: Canvas shelves just aren’t the real deal, and your clothes will know the difference, especially when they end up falling onto the floor. I say you’re better off just shelling out for some actual shelves.

Scarf Hanger

The promise: keeps your scarves organized. Has lots of holes for lots of scarves. Whoopee!

The truth: Ok, so these aren’t actually a bad buy at all. They will do just what they promise. I’m putting these under the “waste of money” category because they simply aren’t necessary. If you’ve got the cash, then sure, go ahead and splurge. If you don’t, don’t fret. You do not need a special hanger for your scarves. You can just as easily hang scarves sans holes. All you need to do is tie your scarf in a neat little knot on your average hanger. (Hold the scarf up to your hanger. Make a loop with your scarf by folding it in half. Bring the two ends up and through the loop, knotting over the hanger. Pull, et voila!)

What if I already own this? Hang your scarves up, hooray!

The take-away: This a functional product, just not a necessary one. I say save your pennies for a latte.

Of course these are only my humble opinions. If you hold that canvas shelves are the best thing since The Container Store we can still be friends. I’m just trying to look out for you, my little pups, ok?

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11 thoughts on “Live Simply Losers: Canvas Shelves and Scarf Hangers

  1. Sort It Canada

    Love it! The second one is especially true. The other organizing product that I loathe? The 5 on one hanger that flips down. It gets messy SO quickly, and rather than dealing with the “too many clothes” problem, you are simply trying to make it look like you have less rather than facing the music. Thanks!

  2. Marie Mercurius

    I have one of those hanging shelves thingy’s in my coat closet. I bought it from Ikea eons ago and it has stood the test of time for the purpose I have used it. I store my hat, mitts, gloves and small exercise stuff a la skipping rope, therabands, workout gloves. I also keep my trainers, chuck tailors and a couple other pairs of kicks in there. I don’t think I ever used it in my bedroom closet but find it quite handy in my coat closet. As for the scarf hanger. Not a fan either. I bought an underwear/sock divider and I use that in a drawer to store my scarves and belts. They each have their own home and it’s very accessible and quite functional, I might add.

    1. livesimplybyannie Post author

      Glad it has worked for you– smart to use it for those types of things, rather than in the bedroom closet.

  3. Richard

    Hi, handy tip for displaying scarves is to get a coat or hat stand and then tie them over. This looks really effective and can make a great feature in a room. Hope this helps.


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