Live Simply All-Star: The Multi-tasking Ottoman

Thursday, April 12, 2012

When you stop and think about it, every object in your home is taking up precious space. Every sweater, every glass mug, every last photo frame. So when you find a product that really earns its keep by serving multiple purposes, I say it’s usually a winner. Case in point: the storage ottoman. An ottoman alone can multitask as a coffee table, a foot rest or a spare chair. When you add the possibility for storage into that mix, the results are, well, all-star.

I’ve seen this used to keep papers and magazines neat:

As a way to corral toys:

For extra shoe and boot storage:

And Sir Peter Walsh, organizing guru, uses his multipurpose ottoman for DVD storage:

Yes, from papers to shoes, from extra blankets and linens, DVD cases and children’s toys, the multitasking ottoman does not disappoint to store and more.

Now you tell me, do you own a multipurpose footstool? What do you keep hidden inside?

Image credits: House To Home, Pottery Barn, Young House Love, Lilly Pulitzer, OprahOprah

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