14 Uber Stylish Filing Cabinets To Get You Excited To File (Or, You Know, Make You Dread The Task Less)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

I recently received a request to help track down attractive filing cabinets, which I was all too happy to oblige. After all, no one enjoys filing, and most people go to great lengths to avoid having to do it all together. That’s why it’s imperative that you make the experience of filing as pleasurable as it can possibly be made for you. You heard me.

So that clanky, old metal filing cabinet whose drawers are falling out and is damn near impossible to open? That shit won’t due. The really depressingly ugly army-dingy-forest green file folders that are standard office supply store stock? Those won’t do (I’m speaking for myself).

If you resent and neglect the components of your filing system at the outset, trust me when I say your feelings about them aren’t likely to improve over time.

So, (if your system involves retaining at least some amount of paper copies) choose a filing cabinet that you don’t abhor–you might even like–the look of. Choose one that functions exceptionally well, whose drawers open and close with ease. Be intentional about choosing file folders that you prefer the feel of, the weight of, the color of, the design of, and so on.

These super stylish filing cabinets might actually make you excited to file! (Maybe.) (They'll help.)

1. Zipcode Design Elma 3-Drawer File Cabinet

2. Belmont 3 Drawer File Cabinet

3. TPS 3-drawer white filing cabinet

4. Amsterdam 2-Drawer Mobile Vertical Filing Cabinet

5. Pilsen Salt Two Drawer File Cabinet

6. TPS teal 3-drawer filing cabinet

7. Blu Dot 2 Drawer File cabinet

8. San Jose 2-Drawer Mobile Rolling Filing Cabinet

9. Kendall Walnut Filing Cabinet

10. Mitchell 2-Drawer Driftwood Dreams

11. Eurostyle white filing cabinet

12. Sunset Point 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

13. Catalina 2 Drawer File by Copeland Furniture

14. High Line 2 Drawer File Cabinet by Urbangreen


Do these things, and while filing still may not be as enjoyable and amusing as a trip to the new penguin exhibit at the zoo, at least it won’t be the vexation of your entire existence.

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