Weekend Assignment: The Strategy Session

January 7, 2016

This life is full of complications.

This world we live in is noisy.

And for all the hustling and bustling around we do, for all the sense of security we possess or adopt, for all the groundedness, there is nonetheless an undeniable fragility to it all: ourselves, our homes, our jobs, our safety. So much can change in a split second. Easy converts into most complex before your eyes. It happens in the duration of a traffic light, in a doctor’s report, in a weather storm.

Which is why, you see, it’s so very vital that we Live Simply–that we ensure that whatever we can keep as Simple and beautiful and non-laborious as possible, we do. We do this to balance the scales.

The sole purpose of this blog is to inspire Simplicity, and so, as the very first assignment of 2016, I’m asking you: what are you committed to Simplifying this year? And how are you going to make that happen?

This year I'm committing to Live Simply!

This weekend, sit down with yourself and a piece of paper and a pen. Stare off into the distance, let the juices flow upstairs: what have you been denying the unnecessary complexity of, up until now? What are you sure, even if you don’t know quite how, could be made Simpler than the way you’re going about it? What are you sick and tired of struggling with? What are you ready to have be way easier?

Write it.

This year, I am committed to Simplifying __________________.

I am ready to admit that my old approach, of ______________ just isn’t working for me, and I am ready to adopt a new one, instead.

I envision that when I adopt this new behavior, I will feel/things will look/_______________________.

I promise not to waste any time worrying about ____________________, but instead focus on _____________.

Here are the individual steps (as I can foresee them now) required to Simplify this process/dynamic (list them).

(Now try again, and break that list into even smaller, actionable steps.)

My deadlines for accomplishing these individual tasks are:______________________.

I know that I need a way to ensure I’m held accountable; the way that I’ll do this is:_____________________.

Mostly, I know that I want:______________________, and I am fully and intentionally committing, today: __________ (date) to make that desire a reality.


If you are so bold, please share with us what you intend to Simplify this year. Let’s all support each other in our quest for happy ease.

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