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June 13, 2013

Today’s Simple System comes from Gaby Burger of The Vault Files. TVF is sort of a hodge-podge (in the best sense of the word) of all things stylish. As in, homie got style and she can walk the walk and talk the talk in all subjects– fashion, home decor, DIY, et al. Plus, she’s a runner, so I feel a kinship with her (the runner’s bond is either a real thing that all runners feel towards each other, or something I’ve entirely created in my own brain). Great, enjoy:   

I like to call myself an organized chick, so I’m constantly looking for ways to keep my stuff organized because I think that makes my life easier (I hate clutter, so the more organized my things are, the happier I am!) So, when I found these acrylic storage boxes I thought they would be perfect to store my hair accessories.

This is the thing: I get up on most days at 5.55am to go for my daily run, and I have to be back around 7 am because my husband leaves for work. So, in order to maximize my time in the morning, every night I pick up what I’m wearing and I put my running shoes by the door. I wear a ponytail everyday, and because my hair is very thin I use bobby pins.

These boxes help me keep these things in place. I have them strategically placed by my sink, so after I brush my teeth, I just put my hair up and everything I need is right there. Then when I get home for a shower, instead of leaving my ponytails and bobby pins all over the place I put them back where they belong. This way, everything is tidy up and I don’t loose them. It probably sounds silly, but a little organization goes a long way 😉

For more from Gaby–> The Vault Files


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