7 Simple Bathroom Upgrades

January 20, 2015

I’ve likely said this before here because I always say it whenever the subject of bathrooms comes up, but they’re the kind of room that straddles the lines between clean and wretched so precariously it makes you (me) nervous.

There are many ways to motivate one to care for a space and one of them is just to make them feel a little more excited about it. A little happier to hang out in it. And a little bit more invested in its maintenance.

In the interest of achieving those goals, I’ve rummaged up for you a list of easy peasy bathroom upgrades. Let’s get to it then:

7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!


1. Instead of:

Cramming all your shower products into a corner on the floor–leaving you to bend and contort, risk unfortunately angled water in the eye–or occupying the whole of a shower bench, leaving you with no place to even rest a big toe when you go to shave your legs…

Upgrade to:

A shower organizer! Crazy, I know. My pick?

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!


2. Instead of:

Using the disposable hand soap containers with fish swimming along the back side of the bottle or whatever…

Upgrade to:

A hand soap pump that you love, and which you can transfer into any variety of hand soaps, be they individually purchased or bulk quantity.

Sexier soap: 1. Threshold Soap Pump – Acacia/Ceramic // 2. Polished Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser // 3. Threshold Oilcan Soap Dispenser – Clear


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!


3. Instead of:

Sticking to the standard, cardboard Kleenex box (although, I acknowledge, they are trying, what with a recent collaboration with Isaac Mizrahi and all but still).

Upgrade to:

A beautiful tissue box which your dumb recyclable one can fit into.

Trendier tissue: 1. Luna Tissue Box Cover // 2. Kassatex Acacia Tissue Holder // 3. Kassatex Vizcaya Tissue Holder 


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!

 4. Instead of:

That–wait, you don’t have one, do you? You’re still playing five years old and drinking straight from the faucet aren’t you??

Upgrade to:

A legitimate tumbler that permanently resides in your bathroom and can be counted upon to take a swig from post-brushing.

Tasteful tumblers: 1. Threshold Oil Can Tumbler // 2. Bungalow Horn Bathroom Tumbler // 3. Threshold Seed Glass Tumbler


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!

5. Instead of:

You don’t have anything in this department either, do you? I know. You’re still playing the risky “spare a square” game. Elaine might sympathize, but she wouldn’t be impressed.

Uprade to:

A pleasant enough looking holder for your reserve rolls of toilet paper. Let’s hear it for self-reliant pooping!

Respectable roll holders: 1. Zenna Home Toilet Paper Canister, Chrome //  2. Blomus Wall-mounted Toilet Paper Holder  // 3. Household Essentials Banana Leaf Tissue Roll Holder


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!

6. Instead of:

That groady toilet brush that–we really shouldn’t even be discussing it except to say that it exists–

Upgrade to:

A classier take on the toilet brush, the kind that doesn’t fill you with that unbearable shame that your current one does. You know that shame about if you died and your loved ones were to find it and blah blah?

Beautified toilet brushes: 1.Kono Toilet Brush Holder in Chrome // 2. Smedbo Decorative Toilet Brush Poished Brass // 3.  Black & White Apothecary Toilet Brush Cleaner


7 simple ways to instantly upgrade your bathroom!


7. Instead of:

That hideous thing currently trying to pass for a trash, whose years of use have caused the accumulation of stuck-on gum, dried up syrupy-looking hair oil, and other unmentionables…

Upgrade to:

A presentable waste bin that makes you proud! You go Glen Coco!

Winningest waste bins: 1. Marche Wastebasket // 2. Lacquer Wastebin // 3. Wesco Kickmaster Trash Can 



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