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7 Super Compact Recycling & Trash Receptacles For Small Spaces

Small spaces make situating most things a bit trickier, and trash and recycling receptacles are no exception. Actually, finding space for said receptacles is often...
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Paperwork & Photo Scanners Make Keeping Hard Copies A Thing Of The Past

In the last couple of years, there's been a marked shift among my clients in regards to the keeping of hard copies. They don't want...
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9 Ways To Keep Incoming Work & School Papers Organized

There are pros and cons to everything, children included. Pros: they're filled with wonder for the world as whole, they make absurd and often hilarious...
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11 Products Designed To Up Your Packed Lunch Game

The time has come, the walrus said. The beginning of the new school year is rapidly approaching, and whether you parent school-age children, are an...
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14 Organizing, Space-Maximizing Essentials For College Dorm Rooms

Going to college, especially as a freshman, is stressful. In one collegiate swoop, a person in their late-teen year finds themselves plunked into an entirely...
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Favorite This: June & July 2018

June came and went and July was in and out like a blaze. Just before we enter (savor) the final month of summer, let's recap...
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A Fail-Safe System For Garage Organization

Several of my clients have had garages on the brain lately, which means that, in turn, I do. It makes sense, seasonally speaking. People are...
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Hot Summer; (Really) Cool Fans.

"Can you tell me about this situation?" I asked my client, holding up a basket filled with giant pinecones. "Oh, and before you do, can...
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The Extra Mile: Keep Your Car Clean & Organized With These 9 Insanely Helpful Tools

Mine was a driving family, a fact which I attribute to my dad's having fallen prey, long ago, to the siren song of the road...
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