7 Organizing & Decor Projects You Can Do In A Day

April 10, 2014

Sometimes you just need to start small. While yesterday we covered strategies for motivating oneself to do stuff, today I shall further attempt to get you to do stuff by giving you an offering of small, easily executed projects. Begin.

1. Make a decorative match jar

Use a glass mason or apothecary jar rather than the standard matchbox to hold your flame ignitors. Cut the striker from that old box first, and affix it to one side of your jar using a strong adhesive. Now you’ve got match storage that’s just as functional as a miniature cardboard box, but far more presentable.

2. Upgrade your countertop produce storage

Fruits and veggies are one of the most glorious things in this world. Certainly they’re deserving of a lovely basket rather than a ratty old bowl or bare countertop. Or at least, your eyeballs are.

Treat the produce and your oglers to a spiffy new storage offering–the one seen here is the Marche Basket FYI.

3. Create a cooking essentials station

A project covered previously, a cooking essentials station allows you to keep those items you use most consistently within arm’s reach.

Plus, if (and only if) you don’t have much else going on counter-top, it can be a nice way to incorporate a little kitchen vignette.

4. Establish an entryway landing strip

Because good habits start at the front door.

Give your phone, wallet, loose change and more a legitimate place to hang. You’ll save approximately three years of your life by doing so, which you would have otherwise spent searching the house for such things in a panicked frenzy.

5. Hang a key rack

You must have one.

And too many people, I regret to say, do not.

So just get one, hang it up, and keep better track of your keys. Would you please? For me?

6. Clear your bathroom counters/ Prettify your vanity

Bathroom clutter has a way of creeping up on you, and before you know it you might loose the counter. Rescue that poor surface and yourself with a little bout of bathroom decluttering. And create a lovely perfume or cosmetic display while you’re at it because hey!

7. Tidy & rearrange your bookshelves

Always a guaranteed winner. Trust me on this.

There you have it. Seven projects you can absolutely do in one day.

Which one are you going to tackle?

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