9 Things You Need To Release From Your Life This Spring

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It’s time for another installment of yours and my favorite, the Ditch-It List series, a playful (but deadly serious) summary of stuff you now officially have no excuse for holding onto necessarily. 

9 things to get rid of this spring.

1. Luggage with broken zippers and/or handles

Don’t be mistaken: such things represent a travel hazard of the severest variety. One slip of a zip, or bag tag on a broken handle, and your packed life will be at the mercy of the travel gods, who do not, I repeat do NOT look favorably on ill-equipped baggage. 

2. Bags with ink stains/ nasty linings

You deserve more than a gummed-and-crumbed bag lining, a sagging, sad briefcase, and a water-stained purse. 

3. Medical devices for past injuries and ailments

Are you intending to break your leg again? Are you hoping for an additional shoulder surgery? Are you planning your next ankle sprain? If you answered yes, then by all means, keep that boot/set of crutches/arm sling/ankle brace. Otherwise, be thankful you no longer need the device, and say goodbye and good riddance. 

4. Outdated travel guidebooks

The world changes. Information in travel guidebooks does not. You do the math. 

5. Cookbooks devoted to the preparation of foods you no longer eat/diets you no longer follow

Don’t eat meat? Don’t need the grilling cookbook. Stopped following the South Beach Diet in the mid 90’s? Hasta la vista baby. 

6. Every vase in which you’ve ever received flower arrangements

Chances are if you didn’t buy it expressly, it probably isn’t that special.

7. Your overzealous investment in Post-its

Pray you never have a need to write that many on-the-fly reminder notes.

8. Your three dozen diaries containing writing on approximately three pages 

Tear out the three pages of notes if you wish…before donating/recycling the book. 

9. Broken glass/ceramic/wood things you’ve been meaning to repair for the last five plus years

It’s over; you’re fine without it; move on. 


Which of these rang a bell for you, and what are you going to do about it??

One thought on “9 Things You Need To Release From Your Life This Spring

  1. Leanne

    The day after I read this, I tackled the many “3-page” journals on a shelf and tore out the bits I wanted to save — leaving 7 (seven!) to go to a local school for kids to use for creative projects. Thanks for nudging me in the right direction!


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