8 Kitchen Utensil Holders You’ll Love Having On Your Counter

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

There are two kinds of people who need a countertop-vessel for their kitchen utensils. The first is the kind that’s really seriously about cooking; their vast utensil library, full of specialty tools, cannot be contained to merely one kitchen utensil drawer. The second is the small space denizen, who may not have a drawer for their underwear let alone one for their slotted wood spoons.

That’s a lie. There is a third individual who prefers a utensil crock, and that’s the person who just likes the way one looks atop their counter. 

Actually, there’s probably a fourth, come to think of it: the oven-as-storage type, who relies on the utensil crock as a domestic prop–an item that suggests to oneself or to visitors that one might possibly have a real utility for the things.

People: as uniquely varied as hand-carved wooden spoons since way before Sur La Table’s inception.

Live Simply: serving up countertop counterparts for humans since now.


Stylishly functional kitchen utensil holders.

(Well, yes, sometimes I get especially batty, and maybe this post was one of those times, but don’t you, too?)

Anyhow, get your utensil crocks here:

1. Utensil holder with tablet holder

2. Brushed nickel utensil holder

3. Scallop print utensil holder

4. Copper utensil holder

5. Utensil carousel set

6. Olivewood utensil holder

7. Marble partitioned utensil holder

8. Concrete utensil crock




2 thoughts on “8 Kitchen Utensil Holders You’ll Love Having On Your Counter

  1. Leanne

    I have really liked silver wire mesh office supplies for kitchen utensil holders. I have a lot more spatulas than I do pencils!


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