The Best Time To Start A New Project

December 17, 2014

Our society’s extreme emphasis on the new year as the official commencement point for all personal growth is complicated to say the least.

Promising to change yourself and your lifestyle drastically (just not yet) has a rather unhelpful effect: it delays our action now.

What’s the point of trying to get in shape now?

What’s the use in trying to get organized now?

No point now. No point attempting to be disciplined, intentional, authentic now.

But if I told you today was January 1 and you knew no better, you would be convinced today was the perfect day to get started on any endeavor.

Pass this message on!! The best time to start a new project.

Today might as well be.

Sure the calendar is significant in that mid-December means the added hubbub of holiday gatherings for many, but truthfully there is an element to all external time and date measures that’s relatively arbitrary.

There are events and family visits and parties always. There are other things you might do at any point in the year. There will always be an ever-approaching milestone occasion with its rosy ripe-for-change glow to distract you from opportunities of the present. Still, the best time to start any project is always now.

Whatever it is you’re planning to start come the new calendar year, begin now. Order those running shoes, take a jog and see how it feels. Have an editing session and shed whatever belongings you don’t want to carry with you into the new year. Get the ball rolling so that January will be much more a matter of keeping it going than starting from scratch.

Because committing to a major change in habit or behavior without so much as a brief introduction to it prior is like throwing down the gauntlet, wherein the stakes are your own feelings of self-worth.

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